M-Edge Cases and Light for Sony PRS-600 Touch Reader Review

m-edge-cases-and-light-review-1If you’ve read any of my reviews and news articles, you’ve probably noticed two things about me:  I love my Sony PRS-600 Touch eBook reader, and I LOVE cases and covers for my electronic devices.   Watch out, because now I’m reviewing the Executive Jacket and the Platform Jacket from M-Edge and their brand-new e-Luminator2 book light for the Sony 600 reader!

Sony cheaped out with the 600; they didn’t include a cover, and I found their neoprene sleeve woefully lacking.  I don’t like to read with a naked reader, so I tried my 600 in various covers I had for my old 505 reader.  I also require a book light, because I use one every time I read.  I was accustomed to using the 505 reader in a case with an integrated light, but the 600 didn’t fit in it, and I just didn’t like using a case with a clip-on light. I bought one of the new lighted covers from Sony the moment they were available.  If you read my review of the Sony lighted case, you won’t be surprised to hear that I quickly abandoned it.  Devon Mish from M-Edge commented on the Sony lighted case review to say their covers and book light for the 600 would soon be available.  I asked Julie if she would contact M-Edge to see if they would send us a cover and light for review.  They were kind enough to send two covers and a light.

I already owned an M-Edge Executive Jacket for the 505 reader.  One of the things I really liked about it was how protective it was.  The leather cover was stiffened to provide screen protection.  I normally like soft, supple leather, but I want protection over my electronic screens.  The Executive cover also closed securely with a wrap-around strap.  Because I liked these features, I decided I’d ask for the Executive Jacket for the 600.  I also asked to try out the Platform Jacket; this is similar to the Executive Jacket in appearance, but it opens at the top instead of the side.  I was also sent the e-Luminator2 book light for the Sony 600.

M-Edge is another company that doesn’t waste a lot of money on fancy packaging.  I personally like this, because it tells me two things.  I know that the entire purchase price went into the quality of the leather goods, and it tells me that my new leather cover isn’t going to need a lot of coddling when I use it.  The M-Edge Jackets were packaged in thin, clear plastic sleeves.  When I opened them up, they smelled good, and they looked beautiful.  I asked for a navy blue Executive Jacket.  The navy is a nice, reddish-tinged navy that’s not too dark, and it has white or cream top-stitching.  I asked for the mocha and saddle version of the Platform Jacket.  The mocha is a coffee-with-a-touch-of-cream color, and the saddle is a latte brown. The Platform case also has the white/cream top-stitching.   Both jackets are made of pebbled leather with a matte finish – not too shiny for the guys to use.

Navy blue Executive Jacket
Navy blue Executive Jacket

Let’s start with the Executive Jacket.  This is a book-style cover.  I really like this style of reader cover, because it is most like reading a paper book.  The Executive cover is lined with a gray fabric with a suede texture.  The inside front of the jacket has several pockets, sized to hold memory cards, business cards, or a folded piece of paper.  There is a black elastic pen loop sewn into the spine.  I did not use any of these pockets or the pen loop.  (Say it with me – I don’t want to risk scratching my reader!)  The reader is held in the cover with two leather and elastic straps at the top corners and two leather straps at the bottom corners.  The outer bottom strap is shaped differently than the inner one.  M-Edge made it a little smaller to prevent it pressing on the volume rocker on the bottom of the 600 reader.  These straps hold my reader very snugly.  I’ve never had the slightest fear that my reader will fall out.

Interior of Executive Jacket showing pockets. Pocket at upper right holds the e-Luminator2 in place.

There is a sewn-on leather strap that wraps around the outside of the cover.  The end of the strap slides under the beginning of the strap to make a tight closure.  I love the look and the function of this strap, but I do find the loose end is right where I want to put my hand when I hold the cover for reading.  It’s stiff enough that I can’t just push it to the back of the reader, but it’s by no means a deal breaker for me.

Interior of Executive Jacket with reader and e-Luminator2 in storage position.
Light being pivoted into position.
Light being pivoted into position.

With the reader in place and the cover closed, you’ll notice there is some extra space at the spine of the Executive Jacket.  The magic of the M-Edge cover is in this extra space and in a little pocket sewn into the lining under the back of the reader.  The pocket is located at the top of the cover, and it is designed to hold the e-Luminator2 book light in place.  Simply slide the paddle end of the e-Luminator2 into the pocket, and the light head and flexible metal neck will rest in the extra space along the inner side of the reader.  The light head contains a “Super Bright” LED, and there is a plastic lens that helps to evenly disperse the light.  The little cylinder at the other end of the flexible neck holds a single AAA battery (not included).  The battery compartment also serves as a pivot point; simply twist here to raise the light head into position.  The neck is long and flexible enough to allow you to adjust the head to illuminate the screen.  I have the best results when I turn the lens parallel to the reader, so the entire screen is washed with light.

e-Luminator2 book light for the Sony 600 reader.
Using low-intensity setting.
Using low-intensity setting.

The back of the light head has a three-position switch – low illumination, off, high illumination.  There is a noticeable difference between the two intensity levels, but I have found that the low level provides a good amount of illumination for most situations.  I think the battery would probably last longer at the lower intensity, too.  M-Edge says you’ll get more than 20 hours from a battery, with no dimming.  I do have a bit of a problem with the switch.  Instead of turning off the light, I always seem to push it back and forth between low intensity to high.  I wish it had been arranged off-low-high, so at least I could just shove it over to “off” easily.  Again, this is not a deal breaker for me.

Platform Jacket in mocha and saddle.
Interior of the Platform Jacket showing pockets. Strap is attached to the bottom of the back of the cover.

The Platform Jacket is as beautifully made as the Executive.  It also has the gray fabric interior, the little storage pockets, and the black elastic pen loop.  The reader is held in place with the same straps as in the Executive Jacket.  It has the same strap closure, stiffening to protect the screen, and it looks like the Executive Jacket – only in “portrait mode”.  The Platform Jacket opens like a steno pad, and you can flip the front all the way to the back, and use the strap to form it into a stand for hands-free reading.  The reader angle isn’t really adjustable, so you may find it most comfortable to read when it is sitting on a higher surface.  For example, a seat-back tray in an airplane may be a little low for comfortable hands-free reading.  You can also just fold the front all the way back and hold it in one hand.  There is a stiff strip down the left side of the reader that makes a nice grip for one-handed reading.

Platform Jacket in hands-free reading position. Brown strip on left side of picture is where e-Luminator2 rests when not in use.

This stiff strip is where the e-Luminator2 rests when not in use.  The book light works beautifully with the Platform Jacket.  The only problem I had using the book light was when I tried to raise the light into position.  The leather was so stiff here that the battery compartment couldn’t pivot.  However, the instructions for using the book light say that you should pull the e-Luminator2 out from the side of the reader before pivoting.  I found I could pivot the book light into position in the Executive Jacket without this step, but it was necessary with the Platform Jacket.

I can say – without the shadow of a doubt (thanks to the light from the e-Luminator2!) – that I have found the perfect cover and light for my Sony 600 reader.  I absolutely love the M-Edge Executive Jacket with the e-Luminator2 book light.  The Jacket is beautiful, it smells good, it’s protective, and the navy color looks great with my red 600.  The light from the e-Luminator2 is just the right amount, and it covers my entire screen.  The book light adds very little weight to the case.  Because it’s “built in”, there is no bulky lump on the back of the case when I’m reading and no extra item to stuff into my purse.  I also like the Platform Jacket, and it will be nice to use when I want to huddle under the covers and read in bed this winter.

And you don’t have to be jealous if you don’t have a Sony 600.  M-Edge makes covers and book lights for the Sony PRS-300 Pocket reader and for all Kindle editions (1, 2, and DX).  According to their web site, they are also planning accessories for the Barnes and Noble nook.  If leather isn’t your thing, they also offer neoprene covers.


Product Information

Price:Jackets are $34.99 each. e-Luminator2 is $19.99
  • Cases have stiffening to protect the reader screen.
  • e-Luminator2 book light is stored in the case.
  • e-Luminator2 produces more than adequate light and covers the entire screen.
  • Power switch on the e-Luminator is a little difficult to use.
  • Strap on the Executive Jacket can be in the way when reading.

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  2. OK, this is a peeve of mine. The Sony’s are all designed (at least through the 700) with holes top and bottom to mount the Sony designed covers. Why do none of the 3rd-party cover makers use these to hold their covers? I would have bought a replacement for my 700 if they didn’t have the clutzy (imo) 4-corner straps.

  3. Yes, the 600s have those attachment holes, too. I wasn’t sure at first how I felt about the corner straps, but I quickly decided I don’t mind them. It is strange how NO third-party company uses those mounting pegs. I wonder if Sony has a patent or something that prevents others from using it?

  4. I agree with you guys too. I have a 505. Love that thing. But can never find a decent cover that uses those holes.

  5. How is the Executive to read with the cover folded all the way back behind the cover with the Sony? Does the light still work well?

  6. Dave, the Executive cover was a bit stiff to fold back, but it can be done. It would probably be easier as you break the leather in. However, the light didn’t seem to be affected at all by bending the front back. The light sits on the stiffening of the back cover, and it stays exactly in place.

  7. Proporta makes real leather cases for the PRS-600 using the hinge holes. Are they not 3rd party?

    The M-Edge cases look fine for women, I would miss the business-like appearance of the Proporta case.

  8. @Chris Aubeck There are a couple of glossy cases in bright colors from M-Edge that I’d agree look more feminine, but I don’t understand why many of the colors would not be equally suitable for men. My husband loves the mocha/saddle color combination.

    Proporta cases don’t seem to have a strong presence in my area. I’ve never seen one in a local store. Amazon does have them, and they cost $70-85 each.

  9. The Proporta cases seem to be cheaper on Amazon UK. As for colours, maybe I just like to keep my jolliness to myself…

  10. Does anyone make a case and light for the PRS-600 similar to the case and light for the PRS-505? The 505 case I like is the PRS-ACL1 which includes and side-lit and hinged plastic cover that goes over the screen lights it. I know it “defeats” the touch screen concept but the overall design of this cover and light are really nice! Thanks!

  11. @DKJenkins I haven’t seen a lightwedge case for the 600 reader. I did love that lightwedge case for my 505, but it did make the text a little less clear. I really love the M-Edge case and e-Luminator light for my 600. I haven’t taken my 600 out of the navy case since I completed this review.

    @Alain I think you’ll be very happy with the case and light. All their color combinations are gorgeous, and I love that light. I had to order lights and cases for my husband and daughter because they kept wanting to “borrow” mine!

  12. Thanks for the review. Because the platform case is open on the sides, is it possible for the light to slip out on the side. With the executive case, when closed, it also protects the light which is unable to fall out.

  13. @Bonnie, during the review process I never had a problem with the light slipping out of the side of the Platform case. The paddle fits snuggly into the pocket sewn into the back of the case. My husband has been using the Platform case with his reader for a couple of months now, and he’s never had a problem with it slipping out, either.

    The only thing I’ve noticed is that the light is just a hair too big for the space alloted for it in the center of the Executive case. The case closes, but it leaves just a tiny sliver of the top right side of the reader exposed if you don’t really snug the case over before closing with the strap.

  14. Janet, one quick question for you since you have tried both covers. When folding back the executive cover, can you make it stand like the platform one? I am thinking if you can, then you may change the orientation to read it handsfree. Can you verify that please?

  15. Kevin, I could bend the cover back, tuck the strap in, and stand the case up. It stands up really straight, and it’s not as stable as the platform case – the base of the triangle isn’t wide enough for good stability. I’d be afraid I’d make it topple over when i changed the page.

  16. Janet, got the platform case (purple) and I have to say I just love it. Been using it almost a week now. The light fits in perfectly like you said and when you’re done reading it just lays so nice and flat against the side with no worries of it falling out. For anybody considering getting one of these cases, go for it. Thanks for helping me make up my mind.

  17. Bonnie, I’m glad you like the case and light. I use the Executive case everyday, because I like a book-style case. I think those e-Luminator 2 lights are fabulous. They don’t make the case feel heavy and out of balance like clip-on lights do. And it is nice that you always have it with you, isn’t it?

  18. Have you tried the PRS 505 in the cases for the PRS 600? M Edge no longer offers cases for the 505 and indicate that the cases for the 600 are compatible with the 505, but I’m not sure if they’d fit as nicely. I love my 505 and it still has many good years in it, but the case that it came with is just plain ugly!

  19. Ava, I have tried my PRS-505 in the cases for the PRS-600, and the 505 fits beautifully. The 505 and the 600 readers seem to be almost identical in size, so they both fit. There are two main differences between the old 505 Executive case and the new 600 Executive case from M-Edge. The new 600 case has a smaller leather strap on the bottom outside edge to prevent the strap from pressing on the volume control of the 600 – and this has no ill-effect on the fit for the 505 reader. The 600 case also has a little more extra space where the e-Luminator 2 goes, which allows the case to close better with either reader inside. The old 505 case didn’t have enough room to close properly with the light inside.

    And you should seriously consider getting the e-Luminator 2 light. I hate clip-on booklights because they change the balance of the case in my hands, and the goosenecks are usually so long that the light just flaps around above my reader. The e-Luminator feels like it’s part of the case, and the gooseneck is just long enough to put it at the top center of my Sony reader. It puts out plenty of light to illuminate the entire screen.

  20. Thanks so much for the review! I bought an M-Edge case before and decided to return it b/c it blocked the stylus – and since I always prop up my reader (I have the prs-700) I thought, hey why not use the platform version. When I got the PRS-600 I decided it would be my chance to upgrade. I was about to cancel my platform order though, until I saw this review (I wasn’t sure if it had a pocket like the executive, and what the light would look like in it). This is an excellent review b/c it’s realistically written – and covers all the little bases. Obviously, we know it’s a working case – it’s selling – but without you I wouldn’t know all the little idiosyncrasies that only a true owner and user discover. And I can clearly see the stylus isn’t blocked by the corner loop. So you just saved me from cancelling my order solely on the thoroughness of your review. Excellent! (I’m crazy about my reader too 🙂

  21. Janet Cloninger

    Thanks Nicole! I hope you like your M-Edge case as much as I like mine. Did you get the light, too? I love the e-Luminator2 light. It gives a great amount of light, and it works great in the case. I always use mine on the low power setting, and the battery lasts a long time, too.

  22. I just picked up the 600. I have the M-Edge Executive case for my 505. Would the 600 fit the 505 case? I have a platform case for my 505 so I would like to save $$$ by reusing my 505 case for my 600 if at all possible. Thanks!

  23. Janet Cloninger

    @Dena I actually have a PRS-505 and a PRS-600, and I have M-Edge Executive cases made for both models. Both Sony readers fit in both cases, but I found one of the straps at the bottom of my 505 M-Edge case covered part of the volume rocker on the bottom of the 600 reader. I felt like that strap was pressing on the volume rocker and affecting the battery life, so I actually used the tiny scissors on my Swiss Army knife to nip away part of the bottom right strap. I used the 505 case on the 600 reader until M-Edge was kind enough to send me the cases made for the 600 reader.

    I mentioned in the review above that the two bottom straps on the cases for the 600 readers were shaped differently. The right one is shaped differently than the left one – to keep it off the volume rocker on the 600 reader.

    The other difference between the M-Edge cases for the 505 and the 600 readers is the amount of extra space in the spine is smaller in the 505 case. That means there isn’t enough room to fully close the 505 cover with the e-Luminator 2 reading light in place. I don’t know if the Platform case for the 505 even had a pocket for the e-Luminator 2, but it does hinge at the top so the e-Luminator 2 probably fits fine.

    The Sony 600 reader is almost exactly the same size as the 600 reader. So yes, the Sony 600 will fit in the 505 case. Just watch out for the volume rocker on the 600 getting pressed by the bottom right strap on the 505 case.

  24. Thanks a bunch for leting me know. I reviewed the article and the pictures. I do see that the outter strap is shaped with a sharper curve to it. I will play with mine when it comes and see what I can rige up. I sew, therefore I imagine I can figure something out. I do hate the thought of cutting the beautiful leather, but I hate the thought of purchasing another cover right now. Thanks for the tip off about it affecting the battery life. It would affect my batter life if one of my buttons was push all the time as well. I may even try wetting the leather strap and stretching it a bit since that works with shoes it may work with this. The extra room created may be enough to keep it from putting pressure on the volume button without having to cut the leather. I’ll see where my creative mind can take me. Oh the trouble creativity can lead to!!

  25. Janet Cloninger

    You’re welcome, Dena. Those M-Edge cases are so gorgeous and protective, they’re worth a little extra work, aren’t they?

  26. Thanks so much for this review — just got back from Best Buy and was so sorely disappointed in the Sony Touch Leather jacket (and even more perturbed by the ungodly price). Looks like an M-Edge jacket is what I need!

  27. Hethr, I think you’ll be happy with an M-Edge case. I love mine. You can’t go wrong with the e-Luminator2 light, too. It works much better than any booklight I ever tried.

  28. I’d love buying the Executive Jacket for my PRS-600 and I didn’t know this cover was a slight different from the 505 and 700 ones. Thank you! There are many people selling them and telling that all covers are right for the 600. The only problem is that buying it on the M-Edge web page will be to expensive because I live in Europe and the price nearly doubles with the shipment and the ebay sellers don’t differenciate between the covers for 505, 700 and 600. They go on telling that they are the same. What can I do to buy the right one without being deceived?

  29. I just received my M-edge latitude jacket for my PRS 600, but I cannot find the E-luminator light that you suggested. Any ideas as to where to find this or another reader light that might do the trick?

  30. @Geoff Unfortunately, M-Edge apparently has ignored the new Sony releases. They are only selling cases and covers for last year’s models. I guess the e-Luminator 2 lights that fit the Sony cases have sold out. You could check out the Kandle lights sold on Amazon. They won’t fit in the slots for the e-Luminator, but they should clip on to the back of the case. I’m using the Kandle with my Sony PRS-650 in the standard Sony case.

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