Flute shaped alarm clock – BeoTime

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bo-beotimeBang & Olufsen is known for their uniquely designed products. The BeoTime alarm click is one of their latest. If you’re like me, it will remind you of a flute. Three FSTN LCDs display the time, while the navigation button allows you to set all the features. The clock can wake you up in the morning by switching on a selected Bang & Olufsen source or with the built-in alarm sound. It can also function as a basic remote control to control your Bang & Olufsen audio and video products and lights in a compatible light control system. It was supposed to be available in August for $375. Still no sign of it though.

3 thoughts on “Flute shaped alarm clock – BeoTime”

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  2. I actually SAW this at the B&O store in San Francisco, up close and in person. It’s got a really nifty magnetic wall mount. It’s really cool lookin’, but if I didn’t have the compatible system to go with it, it would be a really, really pricey alarm clock!

  3. Donald Schoengold

    “Visual identity
    The designer, Steffen Schmelling, was looking for things that inspired him to a wonderful waking up experience, and he thought of Mozart’s The Magic Flute; a story with wonderful music, where light defeats the dark, and where you have a mix between dream and fantasy. It was obvious to use the flute as the visual symbol of such an experience.”

    This is how you justify a $375 alarm clock. I guess that you can fool some of the people all of the time or else some people have more money than brains.

  4. If you can justify a $375 alarm clock, you REALLY have too much money. There’s a nice bridge across the East River I’d like to sell you…

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