Touch DJ for the iPhone and iPod touch

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TouchDJ Have an iPhone or iPod touch?  Want to become a DJ?  If so then Touch DJ is the app for you!  This app is the first and only DJ app for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Now you can DJ anywhere with real time independent manipulation of 2 MP3/M4A files.  It also supports the common DJ functions of scratching, looping, positioning, EQ, effects and pitching.  At $19.99 from the itunes app store, it’s pretty cheap compared to a full fledged DJ equipment.

4 thoughts on “Touch DJ for the iPhone and iPod touch”

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  2. Niiiice, wouldn’t mind picking up an Iphone just for that.

    I wonder how the sound quality is though, maybe it’s more just to play for yourself.

  3. Something to note if you’re mildly interested in this like I was- it’s clear in the video and the website that they cannot use the itunes music library for your tracks. There is a separate library that it uses, and you have to get your tracks imported in.

  4. @Eddie : Yep I noticed that too. Luckily they provide a free program to import the mp3 in. Wish their app actually had access to the itunes library and makes a copy of the music that we want to use.

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