Battle of the bulge – Don’t fear the scale

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quantum-scaleDo you hate stepping on the scale each morning to check your weight? Anticipating your current poundage level can be a scary thing this time of year, with all the turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, homemade yeast rolls and pumpkin pie. Anyone would be terrified. To help alleviate that fear, we have the Quantum Scale which is the only scale in the world that will never show your weight. It just shows “-3” or “-20” to show where you are since the first day you stepped on. This is a one user scale and is priced at $89.

8 thoughts on “Battle of the bulge – Don’t fear the scale”

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  2. Actually, I prefer to see the actual weight. Rather than try to calculate how much I’ve lost or gained, I just look at the number and choose to be happy with that number, or choose to weigh more or less. That has always worked for me. I am able to choose any weight I want.

    It’s really important to choose a weight to be rather than fight with gaining / loosing.

    It’s like driving. When you are going down a road, you don’t choose to go more to the left or right. If you did, you would always be adjusting. Instead, you choose a path and just keep the car on it.

    I’d say this scale may help you loose or gain weight, but I can’t see how it would help you maintain a specific weight.

  3. Donald Schoengold

    So for $90, you get a scale that can be used by only 1 person and also does not tell you what you weigh.

    Am I the only person who can see the stupidity of the thing?


  4. @DStaal , the claim that it’ll help motivate the individual. read the article? proven to motivate into the plane of positive motivation…this is all based on human ego in general. does not apply to everyone unless they have the mentality of a hypochondriac.

  5. I can see that you are a man, and have no appreciation for the media onslaught that women have had to endure for the last 60 years to live up to an unrealistic ultra thin standard and where do they look to find that.. on a bathroom scale. The Dove Real Beauty campaign has been Proctor and Gamble biggest success why because this address the crying need for women to be given back their dignity and self esteem.As for the motivation I would suggest you do a little more reading as everywhere one turns there is ample proof to the fact that removing negative has very beneficial effect.When it is such common knowledge of the fear and dread of getting on a scale one only has to ask the simple question ..WHY to find the answer .No you are flat wrong science has easily proved it and women easily get it.To be dismissed once again be unfeeling contempt really it is the limit.

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