What is that?

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Looks like a giant BlackBerry.  Requires three REALLY big AA batteries.

33 thoughts on “What is that?”

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  2. I zoomed in as best I could and I don’t see any writing on the “buttons” at all. Maybe MartinN is correct since they do seem to be more of the massaging nature than the “press here” nature.

    As an aside, is it just me or does the “hand model” clearly have a broken index finger and thumb???

  3. @Ben Udkow It looks to me like the hand model has arthritis. Could this be some sort of (quack?) medical treatment equipment?

  4. Coke Zero was introduced 10/06, so it is not an ‘old school’ anything. My guess is a scale- a power button, small display, and several ‘nubs’ where you stand. The Coke Zero suggest dieting as well.

    There seems to be a bevel at the top, and between the ‘nubs’ and display, and a small panel with four buttons or screws on the top bevel- I wish I could make out the display better, but I wonder if it is a talking scale or something, except I cannot find a talking scale like it elsewhere. Or a digital scale… or a foot massager. Hmmm…

    I wonder if that groove along the last two columns of buttons or nubs is significant?

  5. It’s a mudflap that you can play like an accordian, except that it uses batteries instead of bellows. I have a pair on my truck. Great for impromptu beach parties and such.

  6. I will have to go with Greg and say that this is a vintage Stenotype, the machine used by stenographers to document what is said in court. Personally, the well manicured senior citizen arthritic hand with the oddly bent index finger and thumb are giving me the creeps!

  7. Ok, ok ! Yeah, that’s my mom’s hand (74 and yes, a slight issue with “Arthur”). She was kind enough to indulge in a shot of a hand next to the gadget for scale for a photo. I didn’t notice how disturbing it was because I was concentrating on the gadget thing. I think it’s just an odd angle and weird lighting. I’m laughing so hard now that i’m snorting — it IS macabre. Funny I didn’t notice it before. Might make an interesting Edgar-Poe-like tale — “The Mangled but Manicured Hand”.

  8. 1. no symbols on buttons

    2. obvious wear on top for “attachment”
    (screen or printer)

    3. buttons grouped into 25 and 10 (too short for full ABC + numbers)

    my guess, its a brail typer, they have only recently been reduced in size to a more portable unit. they also often group common combos (such as “th”) onto the one button, and so rduces the need for a full keyboard

  9. Hmmm. Cobin, I am not sure it is fair to ‘stage’ a photo like that! 🙂 I had assumed the Coke Zero ‘belonged’ there. As for the hand, it just looked like a slightly unfortunate angle to me.

    I think we need clues- the buttons on front- are the buttons, or nubs, or what? Battery, AC, or not powered?

  10. Mark — yes you are right in that it would not be fair to “stage” a photo; but the photo wasn’t really staged; I’m just an eejit and thought everyone would know that the pop can and hand were there for scale. I just thought the thing looked like a giant cell phone and was kind of funny.

    Clues — the bumpy things are nubs and the unit optionally uses 3 AA batteries for power. One more clue: the thing is only a part of a whole.

  11. You’re all wrong. It’s obviously a programmable keypad for your favort MMORPG such as World of Warcraft, for all your spells and so forth.

    The little square thing on the top middle is a holographic generator giving you dungeon layout and boss hit points data on Ulduar hard modes!

  12. Yeah! I won! Well, in my mind at least. My guesses did not involve any sort of buttons, at least and goes on the floor. No wonder we could not make out any details on the ‘display’! LOL!

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