Would you pay $15 a month for FLO TV?

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flotvJackie sent me an email yesterday saying that we should review the FLO TV Personal Television. It’s a device that can show live TV (if you’re within the coverage area, which I am not). Channels include ABC Mobile, Adult Swim Mobile, CBS Mobile, CNBC, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, ESPN Mobile TV, FLO TV Channel, FOX Mobile, FOX News Channel, MSNBC, MTV, NBC 2Go, and Nickelodeon. The device itself looks mildly interesting, but the price is $249.99 not including a subscription fee.  They give you 6 months free up front, but then they stick it to you for a monthly charge of $14.99. What do guys think? Worth it or not?

14 thoughts on “Would you pay $15 a month for FLO TV?”

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  2. I actually saw a demo of it today at a local Best Buy store. It was playing crystal clear quality tv. But after playing around with it and checking out the settings, I noticed that there was no signal or the service wasn’t activated yet on that unit. So I guess that crystal clear quality was just a looping demo video. With they had it really live so we can see the “real” quality of it.

  3. Something just doesn’t site right. When I watch my movies and TV shows I like them on a bigger screen, and I’m willing to wait till they are available in that format… which nowdays isn’t long. News updates? There a million other ways to get news that don’t cost ANOTHER 15 a month. Plus I don’t know how many times I’ve sat at home with 150 channels and not found anything…. If I’m gonna travel I want better odds, I’ll take my ipod loaded with stuff I want.

  4. my husband brought one home and everyone wants it. My children have been watching nick and the disney channel. My husband has been watching college football and the daily show. I have been watching MTV and catching the latest on Tiger. There may be a lot of ways to get other content but this is really easy. Turn it on and i have something to watch. It is like having the TV on the flight, much better than watching that movie you brought with you. I think it is great.

  5. I have to agree that this seems kind of pointless, yet another device+service that sounds cool but is ultimately not really necessary. Perhaps if you have kids to entertain… but do they really need to see Spongebob live, or can you get by with $100 portable DVD player or an iPod loaded with videos? Coverage seems to be an issue too — this thing appears to be on its own network, which is not built out as much as the larger mobile carriers.

    I can’t help but compare this to satellite radio — and I have to be honest, even as much as Sirius/XM sucks these days I think it’s a better deal, with all the news you need, plus music, live sports, and true nationwide coverage. I won’t spend $15 a month on that, so what makes them think I’ll pay the same for even less content, just because it comes with low-resolution video on a small screen?

  6. These things will be in the disco-bins before the first free 6 months runs out.

    If TV was that important to me I’d just get a Slingbox and watch it on my G1 or PC, etc., both of which are already drawing free data service from my provider.

    Most of the content listed above is already available via the web now.

  7. I agree with Bob Williams.

    I have a Slingbox and it, combined with the DVR in my cable service as well as all the On Demand channels of my cable service provides me with all the TV that I need.

    I’ve even been able to watch my SlingPlayer using the free introduction of WiFi on American Airlines.

    I can even watch my Slingbox on my iPhone!

    BTW: I have discovered that for most TV that the audio quality is much more important than large-screen video. I rarely need to see what’s happening but I almost always need to hear it.

  8. No thanks – the monthly fee is too high and the channel selection is not that great. I already have enough TVs in the house, so I would have no need to use one at home, and on the road, I can get some video clips on my phone anyway (through Sprint). As Bob Williams noted, I would get a Slingbox if I really wanted to watch video away from home – no monthly fees and have access to all my cable channels.

    In addition, their coverage map is very hard to read. I was checking my address (SF Bay Area) and they use four shades of purple – you can see that certain areas are darker as compared to others, but it was hard to tell the overall signal strength based on the guide bars at the top of the map. They should think of mixing in a few different colors so it’s easier to read.

  9. I already have Sprint TV service on my Palm Pre phone, so another monthly payment for tv service is out of the question, i may not get all the channels but its better than nothing, plus i prefer to take a portable digital tv that is already available for free local digital tv service. For movies, music and/or videos, i rather take my ipod or a portable dvd player. Also, the Archos units would be better to go with, since most models offers TV adapters to watch TV and also you dont have to worry about movies or music since its a media device.

  10. I loved the movie about Sirius XM: “Stock Shock” because it explains how the whole naked short selling stock market manipulation thing works-and how the company nearly went bankrupt. I did not know Sirius was founded by a woman! Good DVD. Amazon has it or stockshockmovie.com has a movie trailer.

  11. It might be worth it if you can watch/ listen to tv at work, perhaps as a delivery person. However, the question is how strong the signal is inside of buildings etc… Portable digital tv’s require you to be stationary & near a window, (or outdoors) for a good broadcast signal & often one has to tinker with the antenna, far more than the old analog days when any walkman would get tv sound (for the big 3 & pbs anywhere anytime); also, analog tvs were far less than $100. Flo TV should be more open about their contract with its automatic renewal clause, that sounds like after the 1st free 6 months, it renews , but is that for 6 months each time???. There is a $20 activation fee & $75 early termination fee if you cancel during any one of your renewals, at least that much is spelled out. TRY BEING MORE FORTHRIGHT & LESS VERBACIOUS IN YOUR CONTRACT, FLOTV!!!@!!! (Yes, I invented a word)

  12. Flo tvs can be a pan in the A** but at the same time its good for the road but i do not like how the tv is 200.00$ for a 3.5in tv and the maps are gay and i like it how thae sell it in Buckeye but it dos not work in Buckeye and Phx and you have to be near a window like wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Been there done that. The monthly fee was too high, channel selection limited. I returned it within the 30 day period. I knew this company wouldn’t last.

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