Movie Wedge iPhone Stand Review

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The title sums it up, really.  I thought it was no big deal at first, until the next day when I tried to watch something hands-free on my new iPhone 3GS… without a stand.

The iPhone/iPod Touch are great for watching video on the go, but if you hold it in your hands, it’s not really hands free.  Place it flat on your desk and the angle is wrong.  That’s where the MovieWedge comes in.

The MovieWedge's simple packaging
The MovieWedge's simple packaging

Made of a soft, suede-like material, the lightweight MovieWedge has a little rolled “lip” to keep your device from slipping off.  The “beanbag” angle is perfect for desktop viewing.






The material is soft and won’t scratch your handheld.  Should work with other devices other than the iPhone/iPod Touch.  I did discover that my iPhone doesn’t really sit well in portrait orientation (standing tall vs. sideways).  It’s a little top heavy that way unless you balance it carefully.  And of course, you can’t really plug a charger in it when it’s sitting vertically.  But this isn’t a problem if you let the iPhone sit in landscape view.

The bottom is made of the same suede-like microfiber material, so it may not be suitable for use atop a moving vehicle’s dashboard.  Then again, you probably shouldn’t be watching your iPhone if you’re driving anyway.

It also makes a handy big-screen viewing experience for i-Sobot and his pals.



Product Information

  • Inexpensive, handy, oh-so-soft
  • Taller gizmos may be a little top-heavy if you try to view certain devices in portrait orientation. No non-slip base; not intended for moving vehicles.

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  2. Your better off getting a StickyStrap. Cheaper, More uses and far more portable. It also works as my hands-free in the car! Its made by

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