Tell time 20000 feet under water – CX Swiss Military Watch

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The 20’000 FEET dive watch from CX Swiss Military Watch is currently the only mechanical timepiece able to plunge to more than a 6,000 meter ocean depth and survive. This feat has featured it in the Guinness Book of Records. The 20’000 FEET fears nothing: neither the pressures equivalent to 750 kg/cm2 exercised at the bottom of the ocean; nor a dynamite blast; nor even rifle bullets. You might fear its price tag though… Toughness like this doesn’t come cheap. You can have your own 20’000FEET watch for $4,413.52.

11 thoughts on “Tell time 20000 feet under water – CX Swiss Military Watch”

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  2. The video on their website is cool. They actually shoot one of these with a shotgun. Scratched but working.
    The battery replacement for the watch to maintain it’s depth certification will probably be very expensive. But if you can afford the watch, you probably wouldn’t feel the cost.

  3. ^^^

    sschmidt – this watch is an automatic, so it doesn’t need a battery change. It will require a service every 5-7 years, though, and the cost will dwarf a battery change.

  4. The watch is rely cool and it is a good price when a watch that is only got a more famous brand costs $3,500USD and no company has anywhere near the water resistance you pay the premium.
    At least if you die wearing the watch you can be only of 1000 people identifying your body will be easy.

  5. Nice watch! However, as I really can’t see myself being 20,000 metres under the sea, I think I might get a $100 watch and a car instead. 😉

    Seriously though, it’s quite piece…. however I think I’d be more swayed to purchasing something from the Breitling range, which I’m thinking of doing for christmas, providing I can pick one!

  6. Erwin,
    The B&R is a quartz. The 20000ft is an automatic and a chronograph to boot. It currently owns the Guiness record for mechanical watches.

  7. Ok champs, there is another watch out there, the MTM Extreme OPS Seal Squad, which is WATER PROOF NOT Water Resistance, at 12,000 meters or 39,600 feet. The deepest place in the ocean is Marina Trench of 39,600 feet, so there you have it. This watch it’s been tested at a Swiss laboratory chamber and passed the test. It’s case is filled with silicone oil except of an air bubble to help withstand that presure.

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