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I have a terrible problem with static electricity.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I once got shocked touching the car window glass getting out of my car in the rain.  By the end of winter, my poor dog cringes when I reach to pet him.  It’s so bad that my husband won’t let me pump my own gas because he’s afraid I’ll spark a huge fire at the gas station.

Think Geek may have something to help me out.  It’s the Static Electricity Eliminator.  They say you hold it in your hand and touch the rubber tip to something grounded to dissipate your built-up charge.  When you see the face on the little display, you’re safe.

For $9.99, I could save myself, my family, and my poor little dog from a winter of misery.

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  2. (un)Shocking ideas: 1) Hold the metal door edge as you exit the car and there will be no shock. 2) Touch metal with the back of your hand if you think you’ve built up a charge and there’s no pain at all. Not nearly as sensitive as fingertips.

  3. I do hold the car door as I get out, but it still seems to shock me about half the time. I always try to ground myself, but I still seem to get shocked. I guess I should do what my ex-boss did. He had so much static that the old dot-matrix printers at work would shoot out paper as he walked by. He started twisting a piece of bare metal wire around his ankle and let a long wire “tail” drag behind him to keep himself grounded.

  4. I’m the same. I can discharge myself on something metal when I’m exiting my vehicle, but I still get shocked by the door once I open it. As a child, I burned out the television when I walked across the room to change the channel.

  5. After exiting my vehicle, I slap my hand on the door or any metal surface. Because the slap hurts more than the electrostatic discharge, I would not feel the latter.

  6. I bloomin hate static shocks. More static builds up in dry weather, because it is the H2O in the air that lets built up static dissapate slowly. A humidifier might help people in their own houses, but is no use when getting out of your car. I’ve built up a reflex to slap door handles and metal taps (faucets?) to discharge myself. I look a bit wierd but it’s a habit now! Hope the humidier tip helps someone out!

  7. haha this is awesome. i’m just resigned to bit of zap every now and then.
    my partner gets zapped getting out my car all the time, and it was the seat covers! changed those and there was much less static. wearing socks on some carpets also builds static. there’s also hair products deisgned to reduce the amount of static build up.

  8. I have a very large static that I got shock everytime I got out of my car.I even zapped my dog to his death. I ground myself with wet look hair gel and bye bye static charge.

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