SweetPea3 MP3 Player for Toddlers Review


Here’s a great MP3 player for toddlers.  It’s easy to use for both parent and child, it has an external speaker and it’s durable.  I had been searching for a music player just like this, it’s like the SweetPea Toy Company read my mind.

I purchased the SweetPea3 MP3 player for my three year old daughter in January 2009.  I was looking for a MP3 player with an external speaker and the ability to add any songs I want to it.  I only found one other MP3 player with an external speaker, the Sansa Shaker by SanDisk.  I got to try one that my co-worker purchased for her daughter and I think it is a neat machine, but it’s a little complicated for a toddler.

There are all sorts of reviews raving about this product; their fan page on FaceBook has nothing but positive comments. Here are a few reasons I like the SweetPea3 MP3 player.

  1. It has an external speaker.
  2. The volume control is in the Settings Menu so that the child cannot change it.  For what it is, the speaker quality is good too, the music does not sound not distorted or tinny.
  3. It has a headphone jack which has its own independent volume setting in the Settings Menu.
  4. There are only three buttons on the unit.  My three year old can turn it on and off and change the songs and even my nine month old twins seem to enjoy pushing the buttons and changing the songs.
  5. Plays MP3 or WMA format  (it does not play licensed music from subscription services or music purchased from iTunes)
  6. Compatible with both PC and Macintosh computers.

Song 7 is playing
Song 7 is playing
Speaker level goes up to 10
Speaker level goes up to 10
Turns off after 20 minutes (or whatever you program it for)
Turns off after 20 minutes (or whatever you program it for)

Additionally, there are three play lists in the Setting Menu.  I have dedicated one to audio books, one to everyday music and one I have relegated as a junk folder (songs to be organized at a later date). There’s also an auto off feature that can be adjusted from 5 – 120 minutes (see photo above).

The player connects to your computer using an USB cable and music is easily copied to the player by drag and drop.  If you want to move a file to Play list 3, drag and drop it there.  Very simple.

Here’s my only “complaint”, the player is fairly expensive for a fixed 1 GB MP3 player.  The cost is $59.95 + $9.95 shipping, plus a currency conversion fee (~5%) from your credit card if you reside in the US (the company is in Canada). So the grand total is $70.00+ for a 1 GB MP3 player.  By comparison, the Sansa Shaker is around $25.00 and it takes a removable SD card.

I highly recommend the SweetPea3 MP3 player.  Sometimes a good product is worth the price and this is one of those times.  I’m just hoping that my twin boys will share their sister’s when she outgrows it.  Otherwise I’m going to have to buy another one.


Product Information

Manufacturer:SweetPea Toy Company
  • Easy to use (only 3 buttons)
  • Parental volume controls
  • Auto Off feature
  • Runs on 1 AA battery
  • Expensive
  • Does not display the song title (I don’t find this to be a con but it’s something to be aware of)

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  2. If you are an international buyer, please beware. It will cost you an additional $50 to get the item through customs. This makes the total cost for an international buyer about $188! Cheaper to buy an iPod!
    The seller also cleverly avoids all helpful correspondence until the 45 day Paypal claim deadline is passed so you have no comeback from them either. Suggest international customers avoid buying from sweetpeatoyco.com unless they are willing to pay the exorbitant “hidden” charges.

  3. Victoria – I did not have this problem when I purchased the Sweet Pea in 2009. The Sweet Pea players are also now available through Amazon Prime (free shipping) for $69.99 USD. We still have this player and my now 8-year old still uses it.

  4. Hi Krista,

    I have to admit that I was really surprised at the charges, particularly as the receipt I received from them clearly states that the charges include taxes. I bought directly from the supplier as I prefer to give my money to support smaller businesses – in this case it was clearly a mistake. I feel I have been mislead by the way that they display and promote their prices. A company that promotes worldwide shipping as they do, should make these charges transparent to their customers. An addtional $50 on a $99 item plus the $38 shipping costs already paid just seems like something that should be mentioned on their website. Add to that a rude and unhelpful customer services department leaves you wondering why it is all worth the bother.

    I am really glad that you were happy with your purchase – sadly mine hasn’t ever reached my door….


  5. Horrible product!! Arrived dead!! Seller will NOT refund!!! Glorified mp3 player!!
    Buyer beware seller also deletes negative comments from Facebook page. Tons of unhappy customers!!! Company will never last treating people like this.

  6. Hi Max,
    I had the same issue with them deleting my comments from their Facebook page. Have raised a complaint with the Better Business Bureau who are investigating.
    Might be worth you contacting them too. The person I am dealing with there seems very helpful.

    Better Business Bureau of Mainland B.C.
    788 Beatty Street Suite #404
    Vancouver, B.C. V6B 2M1
    Fax: 604-681-1544
    Website: http://www.bbb.org

    Good luck!

  7. I can’t even find their Facebook page!

    This company’s customer service is non-existent! There is no contact phone number, and the only response to an issue is a generic email stating someone will contact you shortly, but, of course, that never happens. I bought 4 media players for my grandchildren in December. There have been some issues, and I have been trying to contact the company numerous times since January, but to no avail. I am fed up, will never deal with them again, and recommend the same to anyone contemplating a purchase. I thought I would try to help out the smaller guy, but they took advantage. This type of company gives other small businesses a bad wrap. I will stick to a more reliable, well-known company next time!

  8. I am disappointed to see how far this company has fallen since 2009. That’s when we bought two of the “first generation” players, and they worked really well. Sure the speaker wasn’t the greatest, but for babies, it was just fine, and they loved carrying those players around the house listening to many tunes. One player we have still works after being pretty much abused for several years. The other stopped working after a few years, but by then the kids had outgrown the player anyway. I just found one in my kid’s closet which had me reminisce about this product. I am sad to see that the second generation product failed to perform and customer service is so bad.

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