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ucorderThe uCorder claims to be the world’s first wearable camcorder. It’s available in two versions. One with 1GB of internal memory and one with 2GB. Both include a microSD slot. The resolution isn’t very impressive at only 64o x 480, and there isn’t a a built-in LCD viewfinder. But I suppose the portability is supposed to make up for these deficiencies. They are priced at $79.99 – $99.99 +$15 Shipping.

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  2. actually, the uCorder has twice the resolution and double the frame rate of the amazon item. plus, that boxy camera isn’t wearable!

  3. Oh, the stuntcam isn’t quite the model I have after all – mine is still only 352 x 288, for some reason I thought it was higher, and http://www.amazon.com/Worlds-Smallest-Camcorder-Built-Memory/dp/B001KK5ZHW/ claims 640×240 (which is admittedly an unusual size, but closer.) But it’s far *more* wearable – you just clip it into a shirt pocket, or on to a shoulder strap for something else – the lens is above the top of the clip, so it just peeks over the top of your pocket. It’s much *smaller* than the ucorder – these are pack-of-gum form factor, an inch shorter and noticeably narrower (not as wide as a whiteboard marker, say…) though from the looks of the ucorder (in particular the 3-LED interface and some other oddities) I’d guess they had a common chipset or even main board…

    I’ve actually handed it to tech-savvy people and had them not realize it was a camera at all, which makes it an interesting backup camera for hiking trips and such; at 4G the storage outlasts the battery, and they have the same slot (but not the “mini LED flashlight” of the ucorder.)

    These first got a lot of attention in early 2009 when the nytimes published an article about people using them to sniff PINs at subverted ATMs 🙂

  4. what a pile of crap will not give up data to my mac it opened one time shot some vidieo i think internal memory may be full willnot download or be noticed by my computer that is the only xmas present i got xmas is ruined there is no support save your money for something else ucorder sucks it is garbage i am angry merry f.ing xmas.

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