You really need a set of balls – magnetic ones

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Desk DOTs are a set of six .79 inch (20mm) ceramic magnets. Use them as unique paper clips, fridge magnets, or a fun geek toy to keep you amused while at work. They remind me of a giant version of the CyberCube.

8 thoughts on “You really need a set of balls – magnetic ones”

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  2. I’m sorry, but anybody who uses these to organize magnetic media or credit cards deserves access to neither!

  3. Ha ha, that headline is so funny. Ha ha, really, really funny. Ha ha. (Actually, better to stick to the technology and avoid attempts at trailer-trash humor.)

  4. How are you going to use these as “fridge magnets”? Won’t they, oh…I don’t know, just roll right down the sides of the fridge?

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