SATA HDD TV media player adapter from Brando

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We like our TV media players here at The Gadgeteer, with my current favorites being the Popcorn Hour Media Tank and WD TV HD. I just received an email from Brando with a link to an interesting looking adapter that allows you to play media files from an SATA hard drive, USB flash drive or SD card on your TV. No WiFi, but it it does have HDMI and a nice looking non-chicklet remote control. What do you think, worth a review?

12 thoughts on “SATA HDD TV media player adapter from Brando”

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  2. Yes I would like it VERY much if you could do a review of this unit. The only obvious issue to me would be the one of ” the more a hard drive is handled the more likely it is to have an accident “. Having said that though it would certainly be excellent for a night in with movies or for reusing old drives as backup / media units.

  3. i would love a review of this one…
    i saw it on engadget’s feed this morning, and was thinking about buying it myself sometime… I would love to know how well it works.
    their site doesn’t say anything about flac audio, i wonder if the device is upgradeable?

  4. VGA out is cost of the cable. HDMI is only valid if your card supports that format as output as the video should be that quality also. always a cheaper alternative unless you like redundancy.

    DON’T BE A SONY: showing 1080p trailers of their 720p games.

    1. @fuchikoma.x To play video, you connect this adapter to your TV…. The video out feature has nothing to do with your computer.

  5. Outputs to 1080i? And no support for matroska? For 7/10 the price of the more robust WDTV? I’m waiting for the punchline…

  6. Would love to see a review of this gadget. Looks perfect for me since I travel world-wide and would like to leave the laptop at the local office instead of lugging it back to the hotel every night to watch a favorite TV series I have on my hard drive.

    Just discovered this site – looks like a favorite!

  7. It’s a good bet this thing will output blurry video just like similar devices of its kind. And the more expensive ones which do produce good video have issues with media formats, browsing files, supporting DVD chapters etc. These things just aren’t up to snuff yet.

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