Spotlight Gadget – Mini Capsule Microphone

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This is pretty cool. It’s a Mini Capsule Microphone for iPhone 3G / iPod Touch 2G / iPod Nano 4G from Brando.

7 thoughts on “Spotlight Gadget – Mini Capsule Microphone”

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  2. @ Ryan
    How about recording crazy monologues that you make while posting messages on-line! That’s what I’d do!
    Please don’t take offence to this!


  3. What would be nice is (and I believe this has already been done) is a mic with a 30 pin connector for the bottom port. Then you could use truphone, or skype on the iphone for VOIP 🙂

  4. @ fatboyDim, no offense. I would record some crazy monologues, but I dont think the co workers next to me would like that. haha 🙂

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