Spotlight Gadget – Freestyle Boiler Solar Watch


I saw this on Gizmodo and TreeHugger this morning and couldn’t resist re-posting about it. This is the new Boiler solar powered watch from Freestyle. The interesting thing about this watch is the claim that one charge will power it for 12 months! I also like the fact that it has a battery indicator on the face. Maybe I can get them to send me one to review if there is interest in learning more about it.

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  2. Interesting concept. Citizen has a broad line of solar charging watches but not the ‘once a year’ charge type. The one pictured wouldn’t seem to go with business dress as well as the Citizens do. But I’d like to see more on it also.

  3. I had my watch battery changed in 2008. I bought my watch (with a new battery) in 2003. That’s ‘once a 5 years’.
    I had a stopwatch (with battery) that actually run over 10 years on 1 battery.

    The costs of battery in watches for me are very low. That means the solar watch has be be reasonably low prised to beat a ordinary watch.

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