Altec Lansing T612 iPhone Speaker System Review

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I was looking for a good home solution for the iPhone when Julie offered to let me review the T612 from Altec Lansing. I have had very good luck with Altec Lansing products in the past and the T612 didn’t disappoint.

I listen to a wide range of music from Country to Rap, and the T612 has two 3″ Full-Range drivers and Two 1″ silkdome tweeters that reproduce the full sound sprectrum very nicely. The T612 is able to handle a fair amount of bass at moderate volumes, but the lows start to distort if turned up. The highs sound beautiful and crisp even at a high volume. Both the bass and treble can be turned up and down so you can change the sound to your liking. I like to listen to music at a high volume so I had to turn the bass down to minimize the distortion.

Altec Lansing T612

The T612 is the first “iPhone Certified” dock and takes care of the “Interference” of speakers that the iPhone is known to cause. Since you don’t have to turn the phone on Airplane mode, there is no chance that you will miss a call. If you happen to get a phone call while you are listening to your music, the dock will stop playing music so you can hear the phone ringing.

Altec Lansing T612

The appearance of the dock is nicely done with a silver plastic strip going around the dock. The grill and the back of the dock are black and surprisingly has a rubberish feel. The dock has six blue LED lights behind the grill on the front to show where the volume level is. The lights are also used to fine tune your treble and bass.
The top of the dock contains five buttons: Power, Volume up, Volume down, Bass and Treble.

The remote is approximately 3 inches long and an inch wide. It has all the necessary buttons to fully operate the dock: Power, Volume, Bass, Treble, Pause/Play, Previous, and Next.

Altec Lansing T612

The T612’s sound quality, solid construction, nice looks, and reasonable pricing make for an excellent iPhone home solution. If you are looking for another way to play the music on your iPhone other than headphones, then the T612 might just be what your looking for.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Altec Lansing
  • 2.5G iPhone
  • Full range of sound the speakers were able to produce
  • Well designed
  • Portable
  • Remote has to be pointed right at the speaker to work

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  2. Does the iPhone still ask if you want to put it into Airline Mode, or does being “iPhone Certified” remove that annoyance completely? I have another dock that is shielded to prevent EDGE interference, but the iPhone doesn’t know that, apparently, and insists on complaining every time I put it in.

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