Narrowing down the 371 contest entries

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Whew! I’ve spent an hour looking at all the HP HDX Dragon contest entries and have done a first pass at narrowing them down to the ones that really stick out for me. So, from 371 to 25 in no particular order:

I’ll do another pass in a bit…

18 thoughts on “Narrowing down the 371 contest entries”

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  2. dang…. thanks for the op, Julie. Not up to me, but I like the guy w/fiddle or guy with bike ( a leg up). Def not the people with stuff on their vehicles! hahaha, j/k (since that was most of my entries and I didn’t make the cut) Good Luck to the finalists : ^ )

  3. I appreciate the chance to play, even if I don’t win I’d like to say that I saw some incredible creativity from this contest and without question, it has been the most fun of any of the Dragon giveaways thus far.

  4. Yeah there was alot of creativity demonstrated, the fortune cookie one was cool. I thought some of mine might make it apparently not. I think it would have been better to go to the ranomizer and just pick a number.

    Oh well good luck to those in the running.

  5. I knew there would be hard feelings (heck, I’ve even received one mad email already from someone…), but I didn’t want to do a random drawing for this contest for a couple of different reasons. First of all, this isn’t something that I’m actually giving away. I didn’t go out and buy this $5000 laptop package. It’s been donated by HP and Buzzcorps. I figure that they were kind enough to select The-Gadgeteer as one of the 31 sites in the contest, that I should really do something spectacular to deserve that. I’d feel pretty crummy if the winner turned out to be someone who wrote on a post it note stuck to the wall in their room. You know what I mean?

    While I appreciate each and every entry, some of you guys really were creative and spent a lot of time on your ideas. I wish I could reward all of your efforts, but unfortunately, there can only be one winner.

  6. Good luck to everyone who made the final cut… cant wait to see who’s entry won ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! will the winner be displayed on the website right at 12?

  7. yeah, must be hard to select a winner amongst all the entries…. anyway I had fun at the moment of taking my picture…
    oh yeah, my nintendo wii is working again so see you around…. congrats to the winner!

  8. <b> may the cookie or the ice cream one be the winner!!! (gonz has spoken…..) </b>
    (I dont want to sound rude but, Julie, could you please have a sencod look to all the entries?….)

    [Edited at May 15, 2008 13:40:52 PM.]

    [Edited at May 15, 2008 13:41:05 PM.]

  9. the fortune cookie or the ice cream packaging…… as i mentioned before, i changed my mind, may the starbucks rule over all.

  10. Wow, I made the Top 25 with my cake!

    Unfortunatley, well for me, I know I didn’t make the final “cut” (<–cake humor) as the round of 12 is now out. To those in the top 12, I wish you luck.

    I am rather sure that, if she could, Julie would have given everyone the HDX Dragon. But alas, her blessing is also her curse. Go easy on her and take your lumps like big kids.

    I appreciate that I had the chance to participate in this contest. I am proud of my entry; it wont end up in a landfill, it stood out as a unique medium among other entries and I followed the rules. I had a blast designing it and though I didn’t win the top prize, I feel as if I have won something through this contest. The cake was huge, too big for me (and man can i eat cake) and my family, so, i donated it to a local non-profit, public service agency. Nothing makes new friends like cake!

    And speaking of new friends, I hope to make some here. Yes, I am setting up camp at! This site has a lot more to offer than just a chance to win a laptop. Pull up a chair and stay a while!

    That being said, in closing, I offer the following advice;
    If you win, be humble. If you lose, be gracious. If you competed, be thankful!

  11. gonz:

    To add your picture to your profie, just go create a Gravatar and associate it with the email address you used when you created a profile here on the gadgeteer.

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