Video Quick Look at the SimpleTech Signature Mini USB Drive

Here’s my quick look video review of the Signature Mini USB drive from SimpleTech.


Available in 120GB up to 320GB capacity
Compact design
Comes with Windows and Mac backup software
Doesn’t require an AC adapter

simpletech review 1
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Video Notes

Read more about this drive at SimpleTech.

Screenshots of the backup software (Mac version):

simpletech review 2 tn
simpletech review 3 tn
simpletech review 4 tn

simpletech review 5 tn
simpletech review 6 tn


Product Information

  • Compact
  • Powered by a USB Y cable, no AC adapter required
  • PC and Mac backup software included on drive
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Supplied USB cable seems short at just 17 inches long

3 thoughts on “Video Quick Look at the SimpleTech Signature Mini USB Drive”

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  2. I like the product review video format. I agree that the USB cable is rather short, but that may be typical. My 100 GB external Firelite drive (a Samsung model) came with a fairly short USB cable as well. As long as one has a hub or a USB connection on front of pc, though it should be good. Anyway, thanks for the review Julie and as always I will continue to check out the latest reviews on your site!

  3. Hi Chris:

    Glad that you like the new video reviews. They are fun to make and actually save me some time over real reviews as I don’t have to take pictures, and write the review ;o)

    I’ve not heard of Firelite drives. I like Samsung’s products, I’ll have to check them out.

  4. I am actually grateful for the short USB cable that comes with most of these drives today. For me, a 2.5″ bus-powered hard drive is almost always for use with my laptop.

    A longer cable, then, just gets in the way on my workspace and takes up more space when coiled in my bag. I’ve had drives come with 3-ft. cables before and actually spent more money to replace it with a shorter 1-ft. cable.

    Maybe I need a bigger bag … 😉

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