I hate April Fools day!

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I’m going to sound like a grumpy old woman in this post, but so be it…

Am I the only person surfing the internets that gets really annoyed on April 1st when everyone that runs a website tries to be clever and posts ridiculous fake articles? After about five minutes, it makes me want to pull out my hair. ARGH! So today, we have Gizmodo with every post having something to do with Mr. T. Come on! Does anyone find this amusing? At least Engadget appears to be posting real news.

I think I’ll just clear all the articles in my RSS reader at the end of the day and start fresh tomorrow once all this foolishness wears off.

6 thoughts on “I hate April Fools day!”

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  2. But, but, but… I love Mr. T.

    Granted, he’s not Mr. Rogers, but his heart is in the right place, and if Mr. T tells me to eat my vegetables, you can bet I’m eating my vegetables.

    But I agree some sites have taken it a bit too far, like kotaku.com and all this cake business.


  3. I pity da fool that don’t like Mr. T….geez…it’s funny, and with so much NOT funny stuff going on, well, I can use one day a year where Mr. T gets top billing, and youtube rickrolls me endlessly.

    Tommorrow we’ll be back to barak, clinton, trade defecits, sensless murder on foreign soil and our own, my kid’s poopie diapers, etc.

    Today, let the pranking continue!

  4. I agree with you, Julie. I hate it.

    What makes it bad for me is that I am an RSS-headline-reader. I don’t scan the whole story unless the topic is something that interests me. Today, I have to read part of the story to make sure it’s right.

    It wasn’t so bad when only a couple of sites did it, but now that I am subscribed to about 150, it becomes problematic.

  5. With tonight’s Internet Cleanup, everything should be ready for you when the internet is open again on Thursday. Enjoy the day off tomorrow, and make sure you disconnect all the computers, so the cleaning robots don’t scrub out your data!


    It only irks me when I get really into a story, and then find it to be false. It’s sorta like the entire Internet becomes The Onion for the day. If I’m ready for it, I’m usually aware.

    Like Google allowing us to back-date email. That one looked freaky-real, and came out at midnight last night. Almost bit.

  6. Someone that knows my home number must have read my grumpy post as tonight the phone rang and an automated voice stated that it was Visa calling about a charge on my credit card. This in itself didn’t raise a red flag as this happens to me often… For some reason, CitiBank has a thing against online cellphone companies. Almost every time I order a phone, CitiBank blocks the charge until I approve it. Even though I couldn’t recall ordering anything unusual lately, I kept listening… next the voice said that it was a $1000 charge from Perfume For your Armpit and I was to press 1 to approve or 9 if I hadn’t ordered it. At this point I knew it was a joke, so I pressed 9. I was surprised though at what the voice said next. It told me that I was a cheap bastard and visit some website to see who sent the joke. I wasn’t able to catch the website address though and it hung up. Oh well… thanks to whoever sent it. ;o)

    Ack, even American Idol had to get into the act with a dorky announcement at the beginning of the show tonight. At least this day is about done. Yay!

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