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I’m on vacation from my day job until January 2nd. Yay! During my time off, I plan to work with Rob to implement some of the comments and ideas that you all gave me in The Gadgeteer turns 10 years old post. I will also be doing some shopping in order to spend some money before the end of the year, so that Uncle Sam won’t get it come tax day next April! So, I’m asking you guys for your help. Reply to this post with your ideas of products that you want to see me review here on The Gadgeteer or on my other review site Ukulele Review. Then on 12/27/07, I’ll pick a random winner to receive a Gadgeteer t-shirt and the Spire Endo courier laptop bag that I recently reviewed. Good luck and get posting :o)

I’m going to list your suggestions and comment on them here in the post…

Roomba – I actually bought one of these last winter and never got around to writing the review. So I gave it to a co-worker who has a larger house than I and will have a review very soon!

Forbidden LEGO – Can you elaborate?

Media center extender, wireless speakers, HD radio – I have an HD radio here now in my queue

Watcom Fun – I’ll think about this one

Asus EEE PC – On my list to order

Apple TV – I have and use one, but haven’t reviewed it yet. I’ll put it on the list

Nokia E90 – I’ve thought about this one, but can’t imagine using it as an actual phone given the size.

Vulcan Flipstart – I’m seriously considering this one

Samsung Upstage – I probably will not buy this one since I’m not a Sprint customer. I will try to get an eval though

Korg SP-250 – Nice keyboard. Probably not something I would buy to review though as it’s doesn’t quite fit the definition of a gadget

Julie – Hmmmmmm, I’m really afraid of the squeeze test ;o) Cute idea tho!

Fly Fusion pentop computer or Logitech’s IO2 – I have the Fly Fusion right here… Review soon

Zune (2nd gen) – Good idea!

3rd party mapping software for smartphones – Good idea for my contributing software reviewers

Amazon Kindle – Already reviewed

PLEO – I’m thinking about this one…

Nokia N810 – Considering this one too

Livescribe SmartPen – This would be a great one to do with the Fly Fusion pentop computer. It’s only pre-order right now though, but adding to my list.

Callpod Dragon bluetooth headset – Interesting design. Adding it to my list to consider
Sony PRS-505 – I’m no sure that there’s a big difference between the Sony Reader PRS-500 that we already reviewed and this new version. I’ll have to look into it
Windjammer folding messenger bike – Reviewing that sounds too much like exercise! ;o)
Sony Mylo – Kinda old to buy with my own cash…

20 thoughts on “Help The Gadgeteer spend money and win some prizes!”

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  2. This is an odd idea, but I think it might be entertaining. Suppose you review YOURSELF as if you were a gadget. You know, what it Julie good for and what is Julie NOT so good at doing, etc. Perhaps someone else should review Julie so that the review is objective. Is Julie worth her Manufacturer’s Suggested Price? Read the review and find out. Like I said, an odd idea, but an entertaining one.

  3. How about reviewing the Fly Fusion pentop computer or Logitech’s IO2? I’m very interested in these pen-based input devices as a way to bridge the gap between traditional note-taking and PC data entry.

  4. 2nd gen Zune. I remember you couldn’t even get the 1st gen set up, so you returned it (to Walmart as I recall) without being able to review.

    On a side note, I have a 1st gen, and am getting a 2nd gen flash from Santa…my kids are getting 6 gen ipod classics, so I could do a review…….

  5. How about Amazon’s new ebook reader the Kindle?
    Or the PLEO (
    Did you review the Nokia Internet Tablet or the Pepper Computer yet?

  6. I love my Sony PRS-505 : since you just did a piece on the kindle, an optional unit review would be nice (I have the 505 and love it, but would love to see a Gadgetter version of a showdown between the two)

    Also curious what you think of the new Moto H12 Motopure bluetooth headset

  7. Since you’re giving away a courier bag, how about reviewing a folding messenger bike? There’s a cool one with a 30cc motor called the Windjammer (<$400 on EBay). Keep up the good work in 2008!

  8. Sony Mylo

    This is an old gadget. The only reason I asked about it is cause it looks very nice. But in this day and age where there’s PDA phones, is it still something good to get.

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