Skooba Design Superbungee Shoulder Strap

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Do you have a gear bag junkie on your holiday shopping list? Instead of buying them a new gear bag, you might want to consider the Superbungee shoulder strap from Skooba Design.

skooba super bungee

The strap is Black, but with contrasting colors for the logo and the “sport-tuned suspension system” (more about that in a minute). The contrasting colors that are available are: Orange, Red, Blue, Khaki, Grey and Pink. I was sent the Pink version.

skooba super bungee

This isn’t just any old replacement shoulder strap. This one has a “sport-tuned suspension system,” which consists of a think bungee ring built into the shoulder pad of the strap. Each end of the strap is attached to the ring, so that it creates a shock absorber system as you carry the weight of your gear on your shoulder.

The strap length can be adjusted from 32 to 48 inches long.

skooba super bungee

You can really tell that this is a quality strap, when you take a look at the thick metal spring clips on each strap end. No flimsy plastic here folks.

skooba super bungee

The shoulder pad is 3.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches long and is contoured to fit the curve of your shoulder.

skooba super bungee

Flip the shoulder pad over and you’ll notice a very cool feature… A grid of air filled rubber pillows. Can you say mega comfortable?

In my day to day wanderings, I don’t usually carry enough gear to warrant the use of such a robust strap as this one, but when I travel, I’m sure that it will come in very handy. I can also see someone like my BFF Bill using the Superbungee strap as he carries two bags that have to weigh over 30 pounds each to work every day. Don’t believe me? Check out this his review of the Spire Torq backpack.

The Skooba Design Superbungee strap is a useful accessory for any gear bag aficionado. Their shoulders will thank them!


Product Information

Manufacturer:Skooba Design
Retailer:Skooba Design
  • Gear bag that has a removable shoulder strap
  • Super comfortable
  • Bungee ring distributes weight
  • Padded shoulder pad
  • Expensive accessory for a gear bag

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    1. @Iqbal The only thing that can reduce the weight of your luggage is to put less items inside it. This strap will just make it feel more comfortable on your shoulder.

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