Cleaning up after the storm

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If you’ve been trying to access any of the reviews on the site or read Rob’s announcement, you’ll know that we had a devastating server crash yesterday. Things still aren’t back to normal as you can tell. I’m hoping that we’ll be back in business by the end of the day today, but in the mean time, I wanted to wanted to share a very important lesson that I have learned:

Always backup your important files. Then when you’re done backing them up, backup your backup. While we do have a backup of the site from Friday of last week, what I didn’t back up was my IMAP email. I had rebuilt my iMac last weekend and didn’t sync all my email to my computer. ARGH… Live and learn from my mistake guys… I guess I can look on the bright side and say that in the close to 10yrs that The Gadgeteer has been online, this is our first major crash :o)

While you’re waiting for things to get back to normal here, please go visit some of my favorite sites and then come back here later :o)

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