Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro

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In July, I completed a review of the Jasper Keynote presentation remote and although I found the device to have some beneficial features, it lacked the reliability that I want when giving presentations. So my quest for a presentation remote to add to my gadget arsenal has brought me to the Presentation Remote Pro from Keyspan. Let’s see how this one stacks up.

keyspan presentation remote pro


RF Connectivity: 2.4 Ghz signal; Works up to 100 ft.
Mouse Control: Two-button mouse capabilities.
Laser Pointer: Class 2; Maximum output 1mW; Wave length 650 nm
Volume Controls: Adjust system audio level on a PC or Mac.
Advanced Functions: Start and End presentations, or hide the slide (darken the screen) with a push of a button.
Plug and Play
Pop In/Out USB Receiver
On/Off Switch
AAA Batteries
Mac and Windows Operating Systems
Windows 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista
Mac OS 9.1 or later
Mac OS X (10.1.5 or later)
Mac OS X (10.3 or later) for volume control
PowerPoint and Keynote Presentation Software
All brands of projectors.
Warranty: 1 Year
Remote Dimensions: 35mm (1.38 in) x 124mm (4.88 in) x 27 mm (1.06 in)
Remote Weight: 39 grams
USB Receiver Dimensions: 55 mm (2.17 in) x 17 mm (0.66 in) x 10 mm (0.39 in)
USB Receiver Weight: 6 grams

In the Box

Remote with USB Receiver
Two AAA Batteries
Printed Quick Start Guide

keyspan presentation remote pro

What I am using to test this product

Dell Latitude D620 laptop
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 SP2

First impression, I am surprised by the number of buttons and controls on the remote. The device has twelve controls on it. That said the remote is not big. The majority of the controls reside on top which measures 4.88″ x 1.38″.

Mouse Control – Controls mouse cursor.
Left Mouse Button – Controls the left mouse button function.
Right Mouse Button – Controls the right mouse button function.
Next Slide Button – Push to proceed to the next slide.
Previous Slide Button – Push to go back to the previous slide.
Laser Pointer – Press and hold to use the laser.
F5 – Press to start the slideshow. Press and hold to end slideshow.
Black Screen – Press to go to a black screen while in slideshow mode. Press again to return to the slideshow.
Volume Up – Press to turn the volume up.
Volume Down -Press to turn the volume down.

Two controls, not on the top, are on the right-side.

Composite Switch (Wheel) – Up is the previous slide. Down is the next slide. Press In to click lock.
Left Mouse Button – Controls the left mouse button function.

keyspan presentation remote pro
Image courtesy of Keyspan

There is nothing fancy about the mold of the remote. It is just a standard remote design without any ergonomic features.

keyspan presentation remote pro

The lack of ergonomic elements in the design does not limit the feel of the remote. The device fits nicely in palm of the hand with the controls easily accessible by the thumb.

Weighing only 39 grams, the remote feels very light and can be easily stored in your pocket without noticeably pulling the pocket down. It does not come with a carrying case, which is something I would like.

Initially, I was so quick to open the package that I thought I misplaced the USB receiver that allows the remote to communicate with the computer. The cool thing is the remote actually has a slot to store the receiver when not in use.

keyspan presentation remote pro
Image courtesy of Keyspan

When the receiver is stored it will not fall out because it is secured via a spring-loaded and locking mechanism. Removing it is very simple, just push in on the receiver and release, it will pop out. To store it, just push in until it the lock clicks.

Integrating a storage mechanism within the remote shows great ingenuity from Keyspan. The device is radio frequency (RF) based, so the USB receiver is required for the remote to communicate with the receiver, but when not in use, I love the fact that you can combine them into one.

The use of RF expands the range of the remote. I did several tests, differing the range and obstacles while using the device. I stretched the range to about 75 feet without incident. I was even able to change slides while standing in a different room of my house. The packaging advertises 100 foot range, so I had 25 feet to spare in my long range test.

Setting up the device is quite easy too, without requiring any additional software or driver installation. Insert the USB receiver into an open USB port, press the “Connect” button on the receiver, which activates a light on the receiver, and then hold down two buttons on the remote until the light flashes. That’s it.

keyspan presentation remote pro

I did experience an issue with my initial attempt to connect the remote and receiver. I used a USB port located on the side of my Dell Latitude laptop. I followed the connections steps but was unable to get the light on the receiver to flash, signaling a successful connection. After numerous failed attempts, I tried one of the ports on the rear of the computer and was immediately successful.

keyspan presentation remote pro

To add to my confusion, I never experienced any further problems when attempting to use the side port. I even tested it on a different Latitude laptop, without problems. Guess I’ll just write it off as a one-time glitch and move on.

I easily navigated my PowerPoint slides using the next/previous slide buttons and eventually found it easier to use the wheel control located on the side. I like having the option to use either. Giving users options is always a plus when trying to sell a product.

The Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro emits the commonly used red laser beam when pressing the laser button.

keyspan presentation remote pro

I found using the nub to control the mouse was difficult, but to be honest, I doubt that I would ever use it when presenting. My ability to control the mouse did improve when I lowered the speed of my pointer, so keep that in mind if this is a function you would use.

The audio controls worked great, but again, not a function I regularly need when doing my presentations. I am sure that some people who use multi-media features in their presentation would love having this ability at their fingertips.

Since I have never used a remote with functionality found in the F5 and black screen buttons, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked having them on the remote. The F5 key can put you into presentation mode in PowerPoint and if you hold it down, it will take you out of it too.

While the black screen button does as the name implies it puts a black screen up. I remember a professional presentation instructor once who advised to do this when having sidebar-type discussion during your presentation.

In the past, I have just left the current slide visible during the discussion but now I have the power in this remote to follow his advice. Again, this remote presents the user with multiple functionality options.

Unlike the Jasper Keynote, which also utilizes RF to communicate, Keyspan included an On/Off switch to conserve battery life. To refresh your memory, the Jasper Keynote recommended you remove the battery when storing the remote for a long duration. The On/Off switch is a much better alternative to conserve the two AAA batteries.

keyspan presentation remote pro

Is it possible to have too many options? That has been the question I have been wrestling with this entire review. Twelve controls on a presentation remote might seem excessive but, to be honest, I experienced no difficulty in using the remote. After the first couple of uses, I became very comfortable in the placement of the controls and was able to easily navigate between them without even looking.

I doubt that I will use the audio controls or the mouse controller nub on the remote but having them available only increases the usability of the device.

Overall, I found the Keyspan Presentation Remote Pro a great tool to utilize when I am doing a presentation. The functionality available to the users in the small remote is impressive and the ability to store the USB receiver in the remote is ingenious.


Product Information

  • Easy set-up, plug & play
  • Multiple functionality available through the remote
  • Long range of use
  • Ability to store the USB receiver in the remote
  • Might be too many buttons/controls (12 total) for some
  • No carrying case

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  2. Good review. I’ve been looking for a fully-functional presentation controller, and this seems like what I’ve wanted. Two comments:

    – The price seems a bit high, though it is a lot more functional than many competitor models.

    – It’s pretty standard to store the USB receiver in the controller handle. Not all do that, but enough do that I regard not doing so as a strike against the device.

  3. Good review. As to the pricing comment, I do feel that its a bit high considering the simplicity of the commands it performs, but I guess you pay the rest for convenience, right?

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