I want your feedback on using the Gear Diary comment system site wide

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We’ve used VBBS forum software for our reviews and articles for years and years, but recently we built a new comment system that we’ve only been testing here in the Gear Diary area of The Gadgeteer. Since this new system has been stable, we’re now considering using it for the rest of the site. What do you all think of this idea? Like it? Hate it? Don’t care? What other features do you feel that this new system needs before it’s ready to be deployed all over the site? You don’t have to mention improvements in user registration and password resetting since we know about that and will definitely be working on it. But what else do you want to see? Please reply to this post with your opinions and ideas…

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3 thoughts on “I want your feedback on using the Gear Diary comment system site wide”

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  2. Also on my list of things to consider doing to the comment system:

    • Searching
    • More information in user profiles
    • Trackback, for people who link to here from their blogs
    • Maybe not locally stored avatars, but perhaps Gravatar or something like it


  3. I agree trackbacks would be nice. Also, let the comments support HTML or at the very least BBCode. I don’t know a thing about Markdown. Also, the text in this box is very small, it definitely needs to be made smaller. I can barely see it, and I’m 19!

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