I’m stuck at work, and dreaming about the iPhone

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Am I the only person that is stuck at work this afternoon dreaming of the iPhone? ;o) I keep fearing that a huge line is forming at my local AT&T store. If this actually happens, I’ll be really surprised ;o) I probably won’t head over there until around 5pm. Or maybe 4pm. Maybe I should leave right now? Paranoia is setting in! More tonight once I finally get my hands on one… and if my T1 line is back up. ARGH… don’t get me started on that…

8 thoughts on “I’m stuck at work, and dreaming about the iPhone”

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  2. I’m not….

    Not served by AT&T, and I already carry two phones…and don’t want to give up my blackberry (the other is a KRZR and its linked to my desk phone at work [EC500]).

    But, I’m a home owner now….so I’m thinking of what kind of stuff I can get to fill the place that I couldn’t as a renter….. ;D

    The Dreamer

  3. Well, I’m not stuck at work today, but haven’t decided what to do….I really want an iPhone, but can’t really justify it yet. But that’s not really what it’s about, is it. I’d need to update (ok, replace) my ancient PowerBook first though. The threat to my wallet is that I live exactly one mile from an Apple store here in NJ. And right across from it in the mall is an AT&T store. And I’m already on that network….hmmm……

  4. Yes. Stuck at work. Piles of files on my desk, customers waiting, phone ringing. Can’t concentrate. Dreaming about an iPhone. But what if I don’t like it? What if I can’t survive without the Treo programs like Oxford Dictionary, WorldMate, CacheMate, Pocket Quicken, IntelliGolf??? How long before Apple comes up with comparables?? Aaarrgghh!!

  5. According to what I have read around here (Arizona), the stores didn’t sell out.

    Seems like plenty of stores might have had plenty to go around.

  6. I’m back. Got home last night and the T1 was down so I couldn’t post anything.

    I have an iPhone! 🙂 I am only JUST NOW able to activate it. I was worried I’d have to go find a wifi hotspot in town this morning, but luckily I woke up to find that they had fixed the T1 by 4am this morning.

    More info AFTER I sync this little guy.

  7. I left work Friday about 12, sat in the mall at the Apple mini-store (#40 in line), was in and out by 6:30. Activated in about 5 minutes. (I was already a Cingular customer.) Spent much of the day at the office (we’re doing network and desk changes – yippie), but the network guy also had his iPhone, which he had finally gotten to activate that morning at the AT&T store. He was migrating from Sprint.

    This is the most unbelievable device. It works just as I expect it too (of course, I’ve been a Mac user since 1987, so I think in Mac terms). The commercials are not doctored at all. Maps, websites, and scrolling work just as shown. I’ve been using Palms since 1999, and, sadly, have nothing there to hold me. I need a Bible and a syncing note application. It doesn’t need anything more than a title field and a body to make me happy. I’m using http://www.backpackit.com for the moment, but that means I always have to go lnline to change or read anything – not great if you’re in an airplane!

  8. Not having a note and to-do syncing app is killing me at the moment… That and a few other things that I’m missing from my Treo. I sure hope Apple relaxes and allows 3rd party apps. SOON! Web apps just don’t cut it for me at the moment.

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