Mini 4×4 Off Road Truck

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I saw something really cute today that I’d never seen (or heard of) before… We went over to Jeanne’s (roomie’s) brother’s house to see the Suzuki mini truck that he bought yesterday. He bought it to help haul wood up from the back of his property. These 2 seater 4×4 stick shift vehicles are not street legal here in the US, but according to her brother, they can go as fast as 60mph. Check out the pix…

Isn’t it cute?

This picture really shows how much smaller it is than a standard sized truck/van.

Great for hauling dogs ;o) The bed even lifts via hydraulics to dump loads.

The engine is accessed by removing the passenger seat!

Anyone else seen these little vehicles before?

5 thoughts on “Mini 4×4 Off Road Truck”

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  2. Alejandro Cunningham

    Here in Brazil or any other country in South America (not talking about Asia), these are the trucks we are used to see in the cities; and we should be suprised to see one similar to the GMC parked beside it.

  3. A rather common sight here in Southeast Asia. But the model you show here is rather old though! Conversely, GMC trucks are a rare sight here.

  4. I bet these little guys get much better gas mileage then the full sized ones everyone drives here… Dusty (Jeanne’s brother) wished he could drive this one to work every day ;o)

  5. I’ve seen trucks like that when we went on a trip to Japan and Korea. They usually have those mini trucks used for deliveries. In the US, we use bigger pickup trucks. I own a truck too and if you compare the size of my rims and Nitto ridge grapplers, they’re tiny.

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