Coast LED Lenser V6 Stainless Steel 6 Chip

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I’m really starting to develop a ‘thing’ for flashlights. Not just any old flashlights do it for me though. They have to be both bright and unique. Lucky for me, that Discount LED Lights and Knives sent me several really nice Coast flashlights to review. The one I’m going to introduce to you today is the Coast LED Lenser V6 Stainless Steel 6 Chip (model: LL7732).

coast led lenser ll7732 1

Flashlight Specs

Light type: LED
Bulb: 6 Nichia White Beam LEDs
Lens: Collimated
Reflector: Cloverleaf 6-Reflector System
Beam type: Spot
Case type: Stainless Steel
Powered by: 3 AAA alkaline batteries
Water resistant?: ?
Size: 3.625 x 1.0 in
Weight (with batteries): 5oz

coast led lenser ll7732 2

This torch comes with batteries and a handy little mesh belt pouch.

coast led lenser ll7732 4

The LL7732 as I’ll call it from here on out, is a hefty little flashlight. It looks and feels like it has been carved out of a solid bar of steel. You can just barely make out the seam where the head screws into the barrel.

coast led lenser ll7732 3

This light is made of stainless steel and has a very smooth brushed finish that doesn’t seem overly prone to fingerprints and smudges like some stainless steel items that I’ve used in the past.

The design of the light is very minimalist. All you really notice is the small steel click power button, Coast logo and holes drilled around the head.

coast led lenser ll7732 10

In hand it has a nice balance and weight to it. The smoothness of the steel body make the light feel just slightly slippery, but that said, I’ve yet to accidently drop it during use.

coast led lenser ll7732 6

The head unscrews to reveal 24k gold contacts and the battery compartment.

coast led lenser ll7732 5

The LL7732 is powered by 3 ordinary AAA batteries (included), which are housed in a plastic holder that slides into the barrel of the light. You’ll get up to 100 hours of use from one set of AAA batteries and the LED’s will last up to 100,000 hours.

coast led lenser ll7732 7

6 LEDs are positioned in the head so that they are reflected in a clover leaf pattern.

coast led lenser ll7732 11

This pattern seems to be a good idea as the beam is bright and even. 68.3 mW bright! Let’s see just how well it illuminates an area…

coast led lenser ll7732 8

Here is a picture of my office with no lights on, at night, with the door closed. You can only make out the glowing LEDs from some of my electronics. Now let’s power on the LL7732…

coast led lenser ll7732 9

This light is powerful enough to comfortably illuminate the area with no dark spots. The distance from the spot where I’m standing to take this picture, and the opposite corner of the room is approximately 16 feet.

The Coast LED Lenser V6 Stainless Steel 6 Chip flashlight would make a great light to keep in a purse, vehicle glove compartment or gear bag. I like that it is powered by inexpensive easily obtainable AAA batteries and that one set should yield 100 hours of use.


Product Information

Retailer:Discount LED Lights and Knives
  • Bright!
  • Powered by 3 ordinary AAA batteries
  • Barrel may be slightly slippery

19 thoughts on “Coast LED Lenser V6 Stainless Steel 6 Chip”

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    1. off / on button fell off found three days later got lucky but will not stay in seems like the seal or whatever it is on the button broke off was about half there how would i get new parts for led lenser 7732 v6-6 chips

    1. 135 lumens 170 feet beem distance. One of the best flashlights I gave ever owned. Had this very light for 7 years. Have dropped it a hundred times on concrete working on cars. Still works like the day I bought it.

  2. CORRECTION: the “lens” is part of the LED not a separate part, and the light is NOT “collimated”, they just point to the same spot. Per the Coast site, the 6 chip LED assembly produces a MAXIMUM or 171 lumens.
    Item Dimensions
    Length5.20 inches
    Width2.70 inches
    Height2.40 inches
    This information was located in under 4 minutes.

  3. Janet Cloninger

    @jaque This review was done more than 5 years ago. Perhaps the info you found was added in the intervening years.

  4. Hey Julie, I have the Coast LED Lenser 77364 LED Flashlight which seems to have the same battery compartment. I don’t you would possibly know where I could find a replacement compartment? It had a melt down during my trip over to my new home in Japan and I am having a hard time repairing it or finding replacement parts. The center connection point on the top of the compartment melted out.

  5. I am looking at a lithium ion conversion, the 18500 battery is almost exactly the same length, just a bit thinner in diameter. It will last longer and give a better light output for this time frame.

    This light looks to be worth the effort!
    Very nicely made.
    Thanks for the review!

  6. I have had one of these as my favorite companion for about 10 years now but after experiencing trouble with the on off button fo a couple years it finally fell out !
    Some type of plastic looking bushing has detereorated allowing it to fall out .
    🤔Sooo wondering if there is a replacement fix for my little buddy ?

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