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If you are like me, and victim to the snooze button, then you
should definitely get your hands on a Clocky!
If you haven’t heard
of him, he’s the alarm clock that jumps from your night-stand and
runs around your room, making funny/cute sounds along the way, as
if desperate to get you up. Kind of like a pet. Because you don’t
know where he’ll be, you have to search for him to turn him off and
viola! you wake up in the process.

clocky 1

A few weeks ago, I ordered 2 Clockys online at One
for me and the other for my brother). I opted for mint but they also
come in Aqua and White. I was pleasantly surprised by the care that
was taken with the packaging design. The inside contained only
paper supports to keep the clock safe during shipping. I was happy
to see that styrofoam and other environmentally-unfriendly
materials were avoided. Included with the clock was a one page
guide, sort of Ikea style in its simplicity and ease of use.

clocky 2
clocky 3

I set up Clocky right away! The buttons were few, which made
setting the alarm painless.

clocky 4

On the first day of use, Clocky got me up in time to go to a job
interview (which went well). He makes a funny sort of R2D2-like
sound (which I had heard before ordering by watching the videos of
Clocky on YouTube). He runs on carpet and wood and was able to
travel from the carpet in my bedroom to the flooring in my
kitchen. My apartment is small, but I had to find him behind the

On the second day, Clocky seemed to kind of skirt around my bed as
if circling me like a shark. Once he came by my bedside and I was
able to hit the snooze again. He took off running and beeping
shortly after I hit the snooze the second snooze too!

clocky 5

I’ve noticed that his screen was flashing as he was moving. It was
such a pleasure to see the little ways Clocky exhibits his friendly
little personality.

clocky 6
clocky 7

There’s also a button to disable the wheels for the mornings when I
don’t want to chase the clock around (nice for the weekends).

Clocky is really a revolutionary clock. I love that the company
really set out to re-invent the alarm clock. After using it, it
makes much more sense to me now that an alarm clock should be more
like a pet and less like an alarm. Clocky makes waking up much
more interesting. I can’t wait to see what this company does next!


Product Information

  • The alarm sound
  • The fact that it runs around randomly so you never know where it's going to be
  • You can turn off the wheels when you don't want it to run away
  • No radio option
  • Sometime it runs around the room and then back in your direction (because it's random) and you are able to catch it again and hit snooze. But the good thing is that you after the second, third, fourth, etc snooze, Clocky will run away again and again.

9 thoughts on “Clocky”

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  2. It is a brilliant concept, but 50 dollars for an alarm clock that has no radio??

    I will wait for the price to go down before buying one.

  3. i was initially excited when i got this as a birthday gift, the concept is ingenious… but this garbaget just proved to be another example of successful advertising supporting a subpar product.

    the biggest fail about this clock is the choice of powersupply. not only was the battery cover difficult to remove and replace, using four new recharged batteries, the clocky was annoying for an average of about five minutes… before the batteries died… assuming the average, lazy sleeper who hits snooze alot, five minutes is not a long time before you have to replace the batteries. it’s unfortunate that the engineers didn’t take this into account.

  4. I was ready to order one for my grandson until I read how quickly the batteries run down!!!
    Now I will have to find a different birthday/get up for school present.

  5. If you use regular AAA Alkaline batteries for the product, the batteries will last up to 8 months with regular daily use of the motor, and years if the wheels are turned off. It does not sound like the user was using the correct batteries.

  6. I have had Clocky since December 2008, and I must say, I give it 10/10. Waking up in the morning is kinda cool, and i cannot think of a more innovative, fun alarm clock. I would HIGHLY reccomend Clocky!
    Also, this product is VERY reliable!!

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