Liar Liar Pants On Fire

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Remember how I said that I wasn’t going to buy an Apple TV? Well, I lied. I’m getting ready to place an order with Apple right now. Why am I going back on what I said? I was offered an accessory to review that was created to compliment the Apple TV. I think I’m more excited about the accessory than I am the Apple TV though ;o) The accessory I’m speaking of is the XtremeMac HDMI switcher. Look for the review in a month or so (it doesn’t ship for a couple of weeks…). And look for a review of the Apple TV around the same time. :o)

3 thoughts on “Liar Liar Pants On Fire”

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  2. Maybe you would care to elaberate how it has anything to do with the Apple TV except for how it looks?

    It doesn’t change the pitfalls of the AppleTV, but it does look like it would stand alone.

    From a fan of Apple before ipods, and i-anything, when you had to work to get stuff to play with a mac.

  3. Alex:

    The HDMI accessory from XtremeMac doesn’t have anything specific to do with the Apple TV… But, I think it will make all subsequent A/V reviews (including the Apple TV) better if I can test them with the best connect that my TV offers. So when XtremeMac offered to let me review it, I decided to go ahead and buy the Apple TV so that I would have something new to use with it for the review. :o)

  4. I bought an Apple TV, and I am not disappointed.

    I am currently using the component output (specifically due to lack of HDMI ports 🙂 ). Older shows that I purchased back under the old iTunes resolution look a little bad, the newer shows don’t look any worse than what I Tivo on a nightly basis. Probably because I still Tivo in standard definition, so most of the stuff I get in iTunes (The Office, Battlestar Galactica, etc) that are filmed in HD widescreen look good even at the newer resolution on a 16:9 display than what a 4:3 letterboxed viewing does.

    I have no complaints with it. Saves me from having to mess with attaching the iPod when I want to watch something I missed recording on TV.

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