Who Wants An i-mate JAQ3?

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Here we go with phone give-away #2. This time it’s the i-mate JAQ3. This is a brand new unlocked quad band GSM phone with the original box and all the included goodies. I used this phone for a few days and decided that it wasn’t for me. But maybe it’s for you… If you want a chance to win this phone, just reply to this post with a short paragraph telling me how you used one of your favorite gadgets today (phone, PDA, whatever). At some point on Friday the 9th, I’ll choose a random person from all the posts to win this phone. Good Luck and get posting!

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  2. Today as I was getting ready to go to work I received a reminder on my nokia phone telling me to make sure to pick up the photos from walmart on my way home from school for my wife. I entered in my phone to remind me again right after clsas. Right after class I received the alarm again and I was able to dismiss it and go and pick up the pictures. As I was headed to Walmart I called them with my phone to make sure they would have the pictures ready and I found out that they would not have them ready, a truck couldn’t get sent out to this area in time and they photos would be here tomorrow. So I changed directions to go home instead of walmart and entered in a new reminder to pickup the pictures tomorrow. (All using the number keys on the phone keypad, a pda/phone would be awesome!)

  3. I used my pocket multi-tool to remove the batteries from a no-longer-working UPS so they can be replaced. Or did you want an electronic gadget? Unfortunately, about all I can do with my current phone is make a call or use it as an alarm. So I’m hoping I can get this phone and see if it can become a future favorite gadget.

  4. Today I spent a great majority of my time “unavailable” do to the lingering effect of a nasty stomach virus, (too much info I know, but who am I to avoid the sympathy selection?). While I was unavailable I decided to checkup on my favorite gadget columnist the great and wonderful Julie ( too much sucking up I know, but who am I to avoid the suck up selection?) I pulled out my trusty Palm TX connected via WIFI and started reading up all the wonderful current and past writing of Julie’s Gear Diary(more sucking up). Long story short, I read this post about the giving away a i-mate JAQ3 and I realized that Palm TX was but a useless piece of trash that barely worked(more sympathy), so I had to post asking for the i-mate.

  5. Well, I sat in a theology discussion group and search for some Bible passages using OliveTree Bible Reader, then I scheduled lunch between another pastor and I for next week. I checked my email, and then checked my progress on several work related tasks. Then I recoreded my mileage using PlanMaker, and soon, I’ll go home, making sure all of my mileage is logged and the work is done.
    The trouble is, my cell phone isn’t my PDA. I’d like to try a converged device now that I’m out of Southern Indiana (Mt. Vernon), and back in the big city, where I have cell phone reception all the time.

  6. R. Kirby Whyte

    Well I started out my day reflashing my TMobile MDA because nobody could hear me on my Cardo Scala 500. Luck was with me and after a reflash of the OS and then a restore with SPB Backup I was back up and running in no time. I love all of my gadgets and would love to add the Imate JAQ3 to the collection. I think I would give to my 14 year old he would like that.

  7. While not my most favorite way to have used my Archos Gmini 402cc, my son was rushed to the hospital on saturday, severly dehydrated from both the stomach Flu AND a wicked DOUBLE ear infection and sporting a fever topping 104 degrees. The Archos did double duty all weekend (and today) as I loaded it with his favorite tv shows (Go Diego Go, Spongebob, and Little Einsteins) so he could enjoy a bit of his favorite tube. The Camcorder recorded his progress and I was able to keep his (very worried) Gandparents (in Texas) apprised of his condition day by day, including today when he was released and sent home…well on his way to a full recovery…Thanks Archos!

  8. Michael Walker

    I was on the train on my way to work this morning and realised that I had listened to all of the podcasts on the mini-SD card in my Nokia 6280. So I popped out my Toshiba Tecra M3, plugged in my 3G wireless broadband card and downloaded the podcasts I subscribe to using Juice. Once I had decided which ones I wanted to listen to I was about to load them on to the mini-SD card and realised that I had left the mini-sd-to-standard-sd card adapter at home! No worries, I just enabled bluetooth on the laptop and phone and transferred them that way. By the time I had accomplished this there was 20 minutes left on my commute. I really should get more organised before I get on the train.

  9. David Daugherty

    Well since my favorite talk radio station is pulling one of the programs I listen too regularly in the afternoon I’m finding that I can just stream the station to my Sprint EVDO connected tablet PC.

    Normally I had been hibernating my tablet on the way home from work. Now I just leave it on and stream all the way home. Of course with a Jaq3 I could stream on that instead 😉

  10. Hmm.. What didn’t I do with my Tapwave Zodiac today. I checked my schedule to see what needed to be done today and downloaded my emails. Once I got on campus I connected to the school’s wifi and surfed the net. Checking the weather, sports, latest news, and email.
    I listened to music on it with one of my 1gb sd cards and I watched an episode of Full Metal Alchemist that I had converted to watch on it as well. Also, I have a great piece of software that lets me compose music, which is a good thing because I will be playing the violin in a friend’s wedding this weekend and I needed to arrange J.S. Bach’s Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. After I get done writing it in my Zodiac, I can import it to my computer and print it off. 🙂 I’m also a grad student and I carry alot of my reading assignments on this puppy (it saves space in my backpack). Finally, I typed a paper on it for class. Whew! It’s no wonder I have to recharge this thing everynight!

  11. Earlier this afternoon I was in a class where the campus WiFi didn’t reach – I simply dialed up the internet through my cell (wirelessly tethered to my Tablet PC I was taking notes on) so that I could access the exact text of US Supreme Court decisions we were discussing in class.

    Imagine how much more I can do with the JAQ3! 😀


  12. I use my Treo 680 while I am working with kids at the hospital. I am a fellow training in pediatric epilepsy and my PDA helps me organize my busy day to day schedule. My PDA/phone is also my peripheral brain, I use it to help me check for drug interactions and side effects. I have pictures of the brain (real brain pics as well as drawings and neuroimaging/radiology pics) that I use when I talk to my patients and their families about the different brain conditions that they have. I also use it to take notes during lectures and conferences.
    I believe doctors should not be afraid of using gadgets/technology to help make them in their day-to-day work.
    I have been a long-time Palm OS handheld user and would certainly like to try a Windows-based PDA.

  13. Google maps on my Treo 650 is great for finding restaurants in Houston or when I’m traveling. Don’t you hate when you eat somewhere you don’t really want because it may be the last place before you leave town just to find a great place down the road?

  14. My wife is an avid soccer player, and while playing this weekend in a round-robin tournament she got her foot crushed by another player causing it to bleed, bruise, and kill a toenail. It was utterly and horribly disgusting. So I pulled out my handy dandy Canon PowerShot a530 digital camera and snapped a few pictures of it for her blog (by her request). I’m not sure she actually posted the pics, but I use my powershot every chance I get : )

  15. Christopher Spera

    I use my iPod to listen to about 3 or 4 different pod casts. I usually listen when I am on the way to or from work. I find that my commute is the best time for me to listen to them, as they are likely to have some information that I want to pay attention to. Listening to them while I work doesn’t do it for me, as I am not going to pay too much attention to either work or the podcast, and that’s not good! 🙁

    I love gadgets and the JAQ3 is a cool device!

  16. Today i Did the basic PIM stuff on my Palm Zire 31.
    Listen to some MP3s and looked up a few words on the Dictionary.
    The JAQ3 looks prett cool!

  17. Thomas Delgado

    Out of nowhere, I was very bored, with my Linux computer upgrading, my Windows computer doing a multitude of virii/spyware scans, and my (old) laptop charging. However, my precious h2210 was not overloaded with idiotic stuff, so I took it for a spin. First, my mind was spinning after digesting a chapter from a 90’s x86 assembly book regarding memory buses and the like, so I went and fired up the Python interpreter on my device and started to do some calculations. As a result, I did verify that 32-bit processors are only capable of addressing 4 gibibytes of memory, and that 64-bit processors can address 16 exbibytes (just for the heck of it- hex-to-decimal conversions are fun for me). From there, I decided to play Nethack for about 30 minutes while listening to anime soundtracks (namely .hack//SIGN). Once I had finished my iPAQ-induced entertainment, I realized that my Linux computer was done upgrading. From there, I used synce (Linux Activesync, in a sense) to set up a PPP connection between my iPAQ and the Debian Sid box, with which I started a number of VNC connections. However, I cannot use VNC without abusing it to make VNC fractal art, and I did just that, showing a (portion) of the iPAQ looking at the iPAQ looking at its VNC viewer (through its own VNC server) ad infinitum, while that was being observed through a VNC session on the Linux box, which was being observed by my first X server at display :0. (Phew!) Then, I was getting really curious, so I tried unsucessfully to get FTP servers to run on my pocket pc (the connection kept timing out). Then, I made a quick and dirty backup of my data and booted Linux on the device, with which I did nothing but play with the shell (and remark “whee, I have a busybox shell on here!”). After that, my precious pocket pc was running low on batteries, so I placed it in its cradle and let it rest in preparation for another day of abuse……

  18. I dun have any PDA at the moment and my phone is just a simple phone for calling in/out and calendar function. I’ve tried to use it to browse the web but the built-in java browser is too old to support the modern format. Moreover, using keypad is really inconvenient for typing. I’m seriously looking for a PDA QWERTY phone and that’s why I spot this post. I hope that I can manage my life easier, make sharing promptly and access info anytime, anywhere with this gadget : )

  19. This afternoon, I noticed I spilled some Subway Chipotle sauce on my desk. It had dried, and I didn’t want to get my fingers dirty, so I flipped open my Motorola RAZR and used the edge of the phone to scrape it off and brush it off onto the floor. Gotta love mobile tech – it can get you out of almost any mess. 🙂

    Julie – I’m a fellow Hoosier as well, living up near Terre Haute.

  20. My son is 4 now and at the point where he really gets restless when we go out to eat. For the last few years we’ve tried everything from an iPod to a Gameboy Micro. While we don’t let him play many games or watch too much TV at home, the convenience is fantastic while out. Today we finally found the right way to do it. I installed mplayer on my Treo 650 and my son was able to watch Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas while my wife and I ate Thai. It was a successful day all around.

  21. Today was a very good mobile day. My PPC woke me up right on time. It’s my personal alarm clock and watch since I don’t wear watches. It keeps me on schedule. I checked my appointments for the day and was out the door. While walking to the train I opened up Windows Media Player, popped in my headphones and listened to some music. Once I was on the train I decided to catch up on some TV episodes that I had downloaded and moved onto my PPC. Great way to pass the time while riding the subway!

    During the course of the day I recieved email pushed to my PPC through an exchanged server and used my PPC’s QWERTY keyboard to quickly reply. I used Windows Live Search to find a nice little place to eat lunch nearby. While eating I checked my RSS feeds on my PPC to keep up with news and some of my favorite blogs– The Gadgeteer being one of them.

    By the time I get home I’m exhausted. I dock my PPC which syncs my info, changes in appointments, tasks, etc with my desktop and then becomes my home clock and alarm again. I sometimes curl up in bed with a movie that I loaded onto it and fall asleep.

    Yes, today was a very good mobile day. 🙂

  22. Brandon Steili

    Fairly normal day for me when it came to mobile … I got about 60 emails (most were junk), a couple phone calls and a few new things to add to the schedule. I’ve got Exchange running push email which is wonderful. I sync my calendar with exchange and google just in case one dies using oggsync, which is another wonderful little app. Finally I did some reading of the news in newsbreak… I guess I use me phone a bit too much because the billing month for me is only a few days old and I’m at 200+MB already 🙂

  23. Nothing earthshattering – had to run into town for a few errands, verified I had a clear bit on my calendar using my Sprint PPC 6700, then used it to keep in touch with mail while away from my desk. Without it, I would be unable to slip out during the day like this and still be able to respond to anything that comes up in the office. Especially nice when it’s clear and sunny like today – I didn’t want to come back!

  24. I used my nintendo wii to show my cousin some pics from flickr on the big tv, used my old sony clie to check my mail, my crappy nokia phone’s battery died on me again (cant hold a day’s worth of juice anymore} and my shiny new macbook pro to write this, thanks again for this wonderfull site and gifts, Julie!

  25. my old h2210, simply the best!
    I could assert to have done almost everything with that device! Editing html and php files, FTP, browsing, lan, streaming audio/video, IM and IRC chat, developing software on the go, writing long documents with an external keyboard, gps navigation, mp3, skype… (ehm…wardriving too!).

  26. My Palm E2, I used to set an alarm to get the cat some grass, set a reminder to edit my website, read a bit more of a new John Ringo book, check my expenses buying and selling on ebay this week, all whilst listening to MP3s (The Who). I would love to try the i-mate, as the palm does not have wifi, and isn’t a phone!

  27. Abdul Sami Mughal

    ME ME ME ME ME !!!

    (Maybe this shall land me the I-Mate JAQ3… Have been posting all about.. its about time I get something… 😀 )

  28. I ordered “Chicken Fillet & Salad” from the canteen today. When I opened the styrofoam lid … wow!! I had never seen a meal so DEVOID of color in my life!! I decided to document what was about to become the worst, most boring meal of my life with my Nokia N70 (now due for an upgrade. ;-), and my Canon Ixus i. It was also devoid of flavor, I’m beginning to wonder if it was ever really chicken at all!

  29. My Nokia 6233’s powerful alarm brought me out of my dreams today. I promptly switched it off and checked the time. Oh dear! I was late for my online class! Just then, the Nokia rang. It was my form teacher, asking why I had not signed in yet. I quickly dashed to my Mac Mini and went through the rest of the day. I received another call a few hours later. It was a close friend of mine, enquiring about the Nokia N72. After class, I relaxed by listening to some tunes with my 6233, sent a few messages and checked my calendar.

    Why do I want the i-mate? Well, I have the burning desire to get a Windows Mobile device to try out, and I would have a unique phone that none of my mates have. I just love the features of the JAQ3 and find it a device that is just right for me. I am not really affected by the poor reception, for here in Singapore the signal strength is always superb.

    Keep up the good work with your site, Julie! Guess what? Your site is my home page, and I just love it! It is really generous of you to be giving out your gadgets like that! Thank you!

    If you were wondering about my age, I will be 13 this year.

  30. Dragan Vidović

    Well my NOKIA 7650 first woke me up, then I checked my mail, read SMS, and of course called my friends to see are they sleeping. What can I do else with that phone.

  31. My new Son (yet unnamed) was born 7.36am this morning (6lb.4oz) he’s a wrinkly thing, cries very much too! Was told he looks likes me! (The cheek! No wrinkles on me) I have a modest Nokia 6800 smart phone. Yes I know it’s dated, yet it useful still and dependable. Using it, I took some pictures and one short video of my son and wife Tania and sent it to those who I know would care. The text messages back were wonderful.

    Indeed this is the best day of my life.


  32. well i carry N-72. Being a journalist i think i have best uaed it when i went to cover some event related to prayass for my publicaton. But unfortunately my photographer couldn’t reach there on time….There my mind clicked and i used my N-72 to click the pics of the needy getting education and other training fgrom the NGO….nw u decide whether i deserve i-mate JAQ-3 or not?


  33. It was a cold Winter morn in Michigan. I drove along the snowy road slowly, the car wheels struggling for traction. As I made my way my daydreams were of the many gadgets that could make my life so much easier, primarily the i-mate JAQ3. Rounding the corner I was startled from my thoughts by the sight of a little old lady being robbed outside the Kwik-e-Mart. The thug simply grabbed the poor old soul’s purse, jumped in his ’68 Dodge Charger and was off. I pulled over and yelled to the little old lady, “Hop in!” and we were soon in hot pursuit. Well, as hot as my ’99 Hyundai Tiburon can pursue. Man, what I’d give for a ’69 Mustang right now!” I thought “and an i-mate JAQ3!”. I need to call the police. Fumbling with my inadequate cellphone I managed to make the call. No luck. It seems it was Police Vacation Day; I’d have to handle this myself. But I just couldn’t manage the car on the slippery road and dial the tiny numbers at the same time. Handing the cellphone to the Little Old Lady, I told her the number to dial. After 5 or 6 attempts she finally connected; my wife was on the phone. The Charger was quickly vanishing from sight and I knew my only hope was to find a shortcut that would bring me ahead of the criminal. Relaying information through the Little Old Lady, my wife, using Google Earth, was soon able to identify our position and find the route I needed. But only after so much wasted time! “If only I had the i-mate JAQ3, I could pull aside and safely find the information I needed myself and in a fraction of the time” I thought out loud. After several harrowing near collisions I finally cut off the criminal and forced him off the road and out of the car, continuing the pursuit on foot. I tackled him and retrieved the purse. The Little Old Lady it turns out she was the wealthy widow of an internet tycoon. But she was also one of those really stingy rich people and she didn’t even offer me a reward. With a reward I could’ve gotten an i-mate JAQ3. Cheep old bag…

  34. Using my Treo 680 with a wireless keyboard is an excellent way to take notes in meetings. Both are small and easily fit in pockets or bags. Later, it’s very easy to refer back to notes on the Treo instead of searching through piles of papers. I use the Note feature on Pimlico’s Date Book 6 as I can usually remember the date but sometimes not all of the details and numbers given in previous presentations. I used this today to negotiate a lease agreement by easily referring back to previous meetings, lease amounts, square feet, he-said-she-said, etc. But I am a die-hard gadget person and rarely keep any gadget over a few months. The i-mate looks intriguing.

  35. I’ve been trapped in some incredibly boring training all week. My Blackberry 8700 has kept my head from hitting the desk as I pass out. My Blackberry has allowed me to receive & respond to my emails, dance the Net a bit, IM folks, and review documents. The 8700 isn’t the smartest of phones but it does many, if not all, of the basics very well.

  36. I use my Blackjack for almost everything! You sometimes refer to your PDA as your main brain – and for me that’s exactly what it is. My schedule, contact and email are just the beginning. If my BJ doesn’t beep to remind me of a meeting, I won’t be there. I rely on it totally to keep me where I’m supposed to be.

    CodeWallet is invaluable for holding snippets of informaiton that I have to have but never seem to. Log-ins, passwords, server names, IP addresses, kid’s soc numbers, – essentially everything that I can’t remember – goes here. Great program.

    My latest application which has doubled my data usage is an application / service called imified. Using it and any IM account (yahoo, msn, gtalk) you can post to blogs, make entries in Backpack, add dates and appts to Google Calendar or 31 boxes, make to-do lists at Remember the Milk – its amazing.

    Totally free – it really brings some of the new, emerging Web 2.0 applications to your fingertips – by letting you use them via IM.

    Guess that’s more than 1 paragraph, and hope it didn’t sound too much like an advertisment. Obviously, my BJ is always in my hand for something:)

  37. I used my pitiful Motorola v551 phone today to check my email and browse the web. Yuck! I am going blind from the teeny-tiny screen! Please send me the JAQ3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks. 😉

  38. In the last week, I’ve used my Bible software on my pda to read from at a wedding and a funeral I performed. I scheduled meetings with another pastor on it. I’m also using it to read through the Bible with my congregation this year. I also text with my kids quite a bit… but my daughter is the queen of texting in our family. She regularly goes over 10,000 a month. This month she should hit 15,000! Her phone is (obviously) worn out and if selected I would give the JAQ3 to her (even though it would be SWEET for me).

  39. I used Google Maps via my SDA wifi internet connection to locate and receive directions to a place for lunch.

  40. Today I have used several pieces of technolgy. I was woken up by my X50, checked my schedule for the day to see if there was anything “pressing”, and left for work, more or less on time. On the way to work, I checked my personal e-mail on my RAZR to see if there was anything there that I had missed while I was asleep. I updated my Pocketbreeze software on the X50 while syncing email and calendars at work. Left for lunch, listened in on a conference call utilizing my Plantronics Bluetooth earpiece so that I didn’t drive off the road and so that they did not have to hear me eating my lunch. My devices are certainly not the most up to date, but they seem to work well for me. Not that I don’t lust after something more sophisticated, like a JAQ3…

  41. I used my Tmobile MDA today to keep track of my work schedule, read an ebook, surf the net, send sms to my boss, take a use of force report, email my mother, talk to my wife, and remember my kids concert.

    just another day in the life.

  42. Today I got up, and did my morning devotions on my Tungsten E|2. Shortly thereafter an alert popped up telling me everything I had to do today. I went to school, recorded my assignments in Tasks and went home.

  43. Today I used my Nokia 770 to browse the internet, check my email, watch a video, and post on this forum. I also got screwed over today by ebay. I purchased a Nokia n95 only to find that the seller unregistered and did not return emails. Now im out $940. So I hope my luck gets better.

  44. At 8am I got woken up by the alarm on my SE 608i. I got up, read the news on my phone while making coffee in the kitchen (difficult on the small screen!)
    I then phoned a friend to arrange to go out.
    While out shopping, he decided to look at X-box games, but as you may know, only like 100 x-box games work on the 360, so out comes the phone to find the list of games to make sure they’ll work for him.
    Then we decide to go to a car dealership, out comes the phone to find directions to the place.

    When I got back, I had some work to do, so I use the stopwatch on my phone to make sure I do it!

    As well as the usual playing games while in the car as a bored passenger, phoning and texting people to stay in contact.

    No wonder the battery on my phone only lasts a day!

  45. This would be perfect to use to watch Slingbox using WiFi since my BlackJack doesn’t have WiFi! Besides, I didn’t win that huge Mega Millions lottery on Tuesday, so this would be an excellent consolation prize! 🙂

  46. I recently purchased a Cingular 8525 Pocket PC Phone. I now have my email setup on the phone. I am truly enjoying how easy it is work check and reply to emails when I am away from office. This has freed my from my desk and I can now get work done while I am on the road. I will be taking a trip out of the country in a few weeks and this will enable me to leave my notebook at work and use my 8525 to handle email communications. The only thing I wish the 8525 had was buit-in GPS. I am sure that this feature is coming in a future model since there are several other devices which have this functionallity. Winning the Jaq3 would be great too! Thanks, Richard.

  47. Well, since I have an hour commute to work each way I check traffic patterns using Google Mobile Maps using a Sprint PPC-6600 phone. It shows me what areas to avoid and tries to help keep me sane! I am trying to get my boss to upgrade me to a slightly newer phone and maybe this would help! Thanks!

  48. Martin Forsberg

    I always wondered why I never seemed to be able to increase my exercise tolerance by exercising with my friends. Using a Polar heart rate monitor (s720i) and a bit of reading about exercise physiology, I realized that my heart rate tends to shoot way above my predicted max. This reduces the efficiency of the heart pumping blood to where it needs to be. Now I know that I need to take it easy, keep my exercising in the target range and just be patient.

  49. On my work computer Dell Inspiron 9100, I ordered Papa John’s pizza, on my computer, using my wireless PC Card. Then when I got home with my laptop and my pizza I made this request. Julie, I am not sucking up, I found you by accident, and have enjoyed your diary immensely. So far from your diary I have begun to save to purchase a Macbook Pro, I also placed my order for a Bugaboo bag. Thanks and yes I would like your phone, peace out!!

  50. This morning I used the World Clock alarm function of my Palm Z22 to remind me to phone my children before they left for school to wish them a great day!

  51. Victor Atehortua

    Today as I sat barely awake in my afternoon class, I had not slept all day, I used my banged up Cingular 2125 to check my newsfeeds as well as my gmail, I use the google Java app, it was a very productive class I read lots of very interesting things. Sadly none of them are for my class. But was a fun filled day.

  52. Hi julie,

    I have an O2 Atom. And have my own business where i supply fabrics to Fashion Designers here. My day with my Atom begins by checking a few mails in the morning. then i listen to some music using TCPMP on my device on my way to work. Also sometimes i tether it to a cassette adapter to using my car deck. but today i had a client meet and there i took the clients order suing the notes app and mailed it to my office. after finishing two client visits back to back i reached office and the fabrics were ready to be dispatched. i synced the device to my computer and updated my 150+ RSS feeds. i use egress for this. once i am home i read all my feeds just before going to sleep. and email myself the articles I’d like to read in full. thats a typical day with my PPC. i also sometimes send a few love notes to my wife. and almost everyday my three yr old uses this software called “pencil box” to draw some random pics on my ppc. The only thing i miss on my atom is a thumboard and a scrollwheel. A scroll wheel definately helps going through my endless RSS feeds .Jaq3 is tech only Windows mobile phone edition device to provide it.

    So that is how i use my device.


  53. Used my BlueTooth & Motorola cell phone while watching TV and used multiple remote controls on my TV, Home Theater, DVD player, etc. I need another gadget on my (coffee) gadget table.


  54. While I use many gadgets every day, the most important one for me is my Bunn coffee maker first thing in the morning, without which I would truly be among the living dead. (I do enjoy my HTC StrTrk but could really use something with a keyboard!)

  55. Lets see…

    The alarm on my SonyEricsson (vodafone) 3G phone woke me up at 6.30am…

    • 7.30am strapped on my snazzy Oakley O-ROKR bluetooth sunglasses, and paired it with my cellphone.
    • connected my Video Ipod to the ipod-connect kit in my 2007 Mazda 3-GT, and began my daily commute.
    • got to my office at 8.15am, pulled out my Apple powerbook G4 12″ (1.5ghz, with 1.2gig ram) and connected it to my office’s 21″ external LCD monitor.
    • docked my ipod into my Altec Lansing speakers, and synced my daily dose of fresh podcasts.
    • currently 10:13am, still enjoying my morning coffee, and finishing off this post to try and win a new smartfone.
    • good luck to you all 🙂
  56. It was a day like any other day actually.
    On my way to school I listened to mp3s on my iPAQ 4150 and checked my schedule for today. When I got there I checked my e-mail. During classes I tried to be a good student and listen to what professors tried to teach me, but just couldn’t 😛 I chatted with my friend via a messenger application on the iPAQ, read news and stuff.
    After classes I had my project group meeting … PURE BORDOM ! … I played a few deals of BlackJack but thought it’s better to at least pretend to be interested, so I stopped playing.
    Then I had to wait for my friend to finish his classes, because we had a few things to discuss and in the meantime I surfed the net and saw your post on The Gadgeteer. I didn’t have much time to reply then so I set up a new “task” on my iPAQ 😉
    On my way back home I listened to some music.
    So, now I’m replying on my lappy, while the PDA is charging… tomorrow is another hard day for it 😀

  57. My Blackjack has become the “Swiss Army knife” of my connected life. First warning this morning was the 8:00 am meeting reminder, followed by a quick check of email pushed from our server. By the time I’ve brushed the old teeth I’ve seen the schedule and upcoming “train wrecks” for Thursday. Time to gas up, and fire up the calculator to check the miles per gallon (WAY to few miles to the gallon). By the time I get to the office have talked to a client to reschedule and my wife for our upcoming Spring Break trip. ALL by 8:30 am. Sure, info overload in some respects, but it is great to have it all in one place. The JAQ3 looks like the next step up to me.

  58. I use my Nokia 7710 as my primary work and entertainment device. I leave for classes too early to check my mail. So I check my mail on the train. I then spend the rest of the 1 hour train journey listening to music (using OggPlay) and reading an ebook (using the web browser or using PDF+). I like the 7710 because it’s 640×240 resolution screen gives more screen space than other PDA-phones (which are usually only 320 pixels wide). Sometimes, I use the time to play Sega Genesis games using the PicoDrive emulator. My class schedules and varous lists are maintained using the 7710s spreadsheet functionality.

  59. just moved into a new place and the dryer wasnt working correctly used my hx2415 pda to wireless conenct to the web and look for the reasons on why and how my dryer may not be working. found that the vent may be clogged so grabbed 24 led flash light and vacum and started sucking out the vent lo and behold instructions were correct.

  60. Christian Gomez

    I use my classic HP Ipaq 5400 Daily. Today I started by tasking all of my up comming appointments for the week. It has been essential in keeping me on track throughout my work week. Than I uploaded one of my favorite podcasts to my SD card so I can listen to it on my way home from work. After that I used my WLAN to check some of my stocks using yahoo.com. Sadly it is missing the phone feature and I am tied down to a wireless area. This I-mate could help me out a bunch by freeing me to the outside world. 😉

    THank you Julie. This is a great service. Look forward to your future reviews.

  61. I use my Hp Ä°paq 6515 on a daily life. I spent my day on my home. I placed my sd wireless card on it and check the new cinema films which will be started to be shown tomorrow.

    What i didn’t is to check gps map of 6515 to find an adress of my old friends work. Maybe this is because this phone is no more enjoying for me and needs to be updated with a new one.

  62. I powered up my NEC MobilePro 800 today to write a few passages for my travelogue. I’m still catching up with trips I made to Vietnam and down to Disneyworld. The MobilePro is great. It’s slow as heck, but it’s the closest thing to an instant on laptop. It’s got Windows CE versions of MS word and Excel, so the instant on combined with the laptop form factor and almost full sized keyboard makes this a great writing tool to capture thoughts. I’ve even been able to find some compatible drivers and threw in a wireless 802.11b card that i can use to browse the web, although it’s painfully slow and only can browse simple sites since it doesn’t support the latest web encryption.

  63. Today I crawled out of bed and began my morning ritual by checking on my JAM for any interesting home e-mail (shopping mostly) that showed up overnight. Before heading out the door, I read the text message I receive daily on traffic conditions. While on the road, I checked my voice mail and recorded by daily greeting, faking a smil while I continued to wake up. Reminders of meetings and tasks kept me on track with my work. A few more home e-mail checks and between meetings and project activity, the day was over. I sent a text message to my spouse as I waited for my car to warm up beyond the subzero freeze. One more check of my voice mail before arriving home and then the work day was over.
    Througout all this, I got increasingly frustrated by having to use a stylus (or my finger) to navigate my JAM. Hence my quest for a PDA phone with an integrated keyboard…just like the JAQ3!

  64. Nick Ellsworth

    Well, I played Tetris on my L2. Then I played some more Tetris, then I played a game where you have to get the colored blocks to form lines. Then I did this thing where these squares fall from the sky. I got bored and played more Tetris. After I played Tetris, I pressed some arrow keys to move the falling L. Then I pressed a button to turn it into a ¬. Then back to the falling blocks… then more squares.

    And then I played some Tetris.

  65. I was standing in line at gate B10 in Baltimore Washington International airport waiting for a Southwest Airlines flight. If you’ve flown Southwest then you know all about standing in line waiting for your flight. I was first inline in group A and didn’t want to leave my spot to go find out why the arrival flight was late getting into BWI. I fired up my XV6700 and browsed to Southwest Airlines website to check on flight status. I became even more frustrated because Southwest’s website and pocket IE did not play well together. I was unable to enter my flight number in the text box on Southwest’s website. Not to be deterred, I browsed on over to Opera’s website and downloaded the mini opera browser cab file. I installed Opera then browsed to Soutwest’s website again. This time I was able to select my city and enter my flight number only to discover that my flight’s arrival was going to be over an hour late getting into BWI. I was going to be really late getting home. There are times when its handy to have an EVDO network available even if one does get bad news.

  66. Hi:
    Phone looks quite useful. I bought a MEIZU video/mp3/kinda ipod in China and found it is most useful to download photographs, portrait shots. of people you need so you can use it to remember faces along with business cards. A potable visual business card. I imagine this would work with any device that suppor5ts picure viewing…

  67. I’m a mechanical engineer. I had to fabricate some pieces to modify a machine, so I used the ClearView Sheet application on my Cingular 3125 to pull up a spreadsheet with references to drill & tap sizes, etc. With great information like this with me all the time, I seldom have to stop what I’m doing to find a needed reference table, etc.

  68. Nicholas Lamis III

    My Palm Treo 680 serves a my assistant these days. I’m sort of a multitasker and use my 680 for everything. While I’m riding in on the train to work I am checking emails and the daily news. I am also a Captain of a tennis team and couldn’t live without the text function of the 680 since I have to keep my team members abreast of all weekly matches and practice sessions. My 680 serves as my financial assistant, workout coach, Blogger, Coordinator, etc. There is just too many things to list – all I can say is without my 680 or any PDA, I would feel “helpless”.

  69. I took some pictures of my family with our kodak digital camera and printed them off to do some scrapbooking today. It would be great to have something I could jot down any cool scrapbook ideas I had during the day like the i-mate.

  70. My phone passed away. . . And I cried. . . It was an old Siemens model . . . great battery life for being so old. . .

    Then I had a newer Nokia.. It ran away from home… of course it probably didn’t know where to go, as I was in the process of relocating my residence… It didn’t know where to run home to.. =[

    I have a new phone now.. another Nokia. . . . But I think the old Nokia was lonely and it took a little plug attached to a leash with it… Alas.. no charger… I don’t even like this phone enough to buy a little companion to plug into it.

    I’ve always wanted a nice device to carry around with me to log all of my stuff in at will. However bulky it may be, I’ll find a nice cosy pocket to fit into. It can even help me work… Yeah…. I need help with work… getting organized would save me.. Maybe a little mobile companion could provide the necessary aide to achieve this…..


  71. Hi ! My name is Laurent and I live in Quebec Canada.
    I’ve always wanted to join a community like yours where I could be in touch with last electronic gadgets and discuss about it. Everyday I use an IPAQ HX4700. It’s a great device for professional and personal use. I schedule my appointment, send my emails on the go, always find the fastest way to come back home thanks to my GPS BT antenna I can even dial my stored numbers to my GSM (Siemens S66). It’s a all in one device and very reliable. I would like to offer a GSM/PDA to my beloved wife but I am bit short on money since my son’s birth. Long life to The Gadgeteer and his community !

  72. Hi Julie,

    I live in the great state of Michigan! Home of the Detroit Tigers, Pistons, Lions, Red Wings. What more could you ask for! Believe it or not, I am just a 45 year old geek woman who can’t get enough of computers and technology and any and all gadgets that come with it. I am currently saving for a Mac laptop. I can always dream. For some reason I am now hooked on these little things called “PAGE UP”. You can find them just about everywhere. They hold up your paper so it is easier to type in on the computer. They have really cool designs. Anyways, enough babble. It would not please me more to win the i-mate JAQ3. I hope that I am not to late. Cheers!

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