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And now for a review that isn’t quite a gadget, but since a lot of gadgeteers might be able to use it, I thought what the heck. First of all, how many of you have a counter top or cabinet crammed full of snack bags that require clips to keep them closed and their contents fresh? If you’re anything like me, you have more packages then clips and have to resort to double clipping or using weird items as clip substitutes.

As an example, above you will see the top of my microwave stand. I have all the necessary geek munchies: Pretzels, BBQ chips, Fritos, Cheetos and although you can’t see them, Doritos. If it ends in a ‘tos’, you know it’s gotta be yummy. Right? Anyway, you might notice that I have a variety of clips holding the bags closed. There’s a wooden clothes pen, a couple plastic clips and even 2 office style binder clips.

What if you could turn any snack package into a ziploc style bag? No more clips needed! Great idea, or wasted expense? Let’s check out QuickSeals.

QuickSeals convert the top of bags and boxes with openings up to 11 inches into easily re-sealable ziploc style tops. Available in 6 packs and 20 packs (priced at $1.29 and $3.49 respectively), each pack comes with an equal amount of Medium and Large seals.

The medium sized seals fit up to 8″ openings and the large seals fit up to 11″ sized openings. QuickSeals look pretty much like regular ziploc baggies, but they are open along the bottom.

Let me show you how they work. First of all, you need some bags…

This was a good excuse for me to go to the store and buy some new snacks! FYI, those Baked Fruit Crisps from Flat Earth are great! But anyway…

The first thing you do is open the package at the top as you usually would do.

Then along the bottom of each QuickSeal there are 2 adhesive tape strips. Pull off the bottom strip.

Press the top of the opened bag about 1 inch or so above the adhesive strip, making sure you smooth it down firmly all the way across.

The next step is to lift the top edge of the QuickSeal over the bag. Pull off the tape strip, fold it down and press it firmly to seal the tape across the package. That’s it!

You now have a re-sealable but clip-less bag. Wheeeeeee… Just pull the Green plastic slider across the top to open and close. It’s also important to note that you can use QuickSeals with boxes as well. It’s not as easy to install, but it does work.

QuickSeals are easy to install on bags, but they do take a bit more time than just rolling down the top of your bag and slapping on a clip. The biggest issue that I have with them is the fact that they are not reusable like clips. But just like clips, if you run out of QuickSeals, you’ll be in the same situation as before and have to resort to MacGyver methods of keeping your snack bags closed. Ever used a stapler to keep your chips fresh? Yeah ummmmm, me neither… ;o)


Product Information

  • Turns any bag with up to an 11 inch opening into a ziploc style bag
  • Easy zip opening
  • Works for boxes too
  • Not reusable
  • Takes more time to install them than using an old school clip

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  2. Hint about using staples….apply a piece of clear tape/ductape over the area before stapling…this ensures a better seal around the staple holes – also prevents ripping the bag when removing the staples to dive into the snacks again. 🙂

  3. Why not just use zip-lock bags and adhesive tape? personally i just roll up the top and use a short strip of tape.. most economical

  4. I’m finding that even with a box of QuickSeals in my drawer, I reach for a clip instead. It’s just faster… I do like how easy it is to open the snack bags that I did put a QuickSeal on tho…

  5. I bought some “QuickSeals” some time ago, and love them. Now I want to buy some more, but don’t know where to find them. Can you please tell me how I can buy some? Thanks.

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