RhinoSkin MacBook Hardcase

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When I first heard about the rhino-skin Hardcase for the 13″ MacBook I was curious. A hard plastic case for the 13″ MacBook sounded like a good idea and it was manufactured by rhino-skin, makers of sturdy cases for iPods and PDAs. I was anxious to see it in person and to try it out.

This is a two-piece case. A case for the MacBook and a detachable accessory box, come packaged in bubble wrap within a sturdy box with a handle.

The case is white with a small window that allows the Apple logo on your MacBook to show through. A black version of the case is also available.

The accessory box holds the two shoulder straps and is meant for your cables and other gear you need for your MacBook. The box can be attached to the case by sliding it into two grooves. It “snaps” into place nicely. By pushing in a small lever you can release the box from the case.

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Both the case and the accessory box have the same kind of latches. They also snap into place very well and seem very secure.

The MacBook fits very nicely in the Hardcase.

The bottom of the case has vent holes and the case actually becomes a MacBook stand when you fold the cover completely over so that it is under the bottom of the case.

Both sides of the Hardcase have panels that fold down so that you can access the data ports and the CD/DVD player.

This is a nice touch. My only concern is that the panels do not seem extremely sturdy so I would worry a bit about their longevity.

My only other concern was with the straps. The two straps make the HardCase work like a backpack. I, personally, prefer messenger bags so I wasn’t sure how I would like the backpack style case. The straps snap into the back of the case and they are very secure.

If you prefer the backpack style it works great or you can sling the straps over one shoulder which is the way I prefer it.

Of course, you can also leave the straps off if you want to insert the HardCase into another gear bag.

Even though Fritz isn’t interested in the rhino-skin Hardcase (he is just wondering why I finally got his hair cut on one of the coldest days in this part of Michigan) I would recommend it.

The Hardcase costs $59.95. If you are looking for a secure, hard case for your MacBook you can go with a reputable name like rhino-skin and you should be happy with the security it provides.


Product Information

  • Apple 13" MacBook
  • MacBook fits nicely and securely
  • Sturdy snap-in straps
  • Attachable accessory box a nice touch
  • No shoulder strap – backstraps only
  • Not much padding inside
  • Hard plastic may protect MacBook from cracking open if dropped but without much padding inside I'm not sure if that's enough to save the MacBook from other problems
  • The $60 pricetag seems high

5 thoughts on “RhinoSkin MacBook Hardcase”

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  2. A few questions:

    1. Will the extra box hold a power adapter and a couple of cables along with the straps. Looks awfully full with the straps.

    2. Does the Macbook feel like it is held securely when in use (case open) or is it just sitting inside?

    3. How much warmer/cooler did the MP run in the case vs. other surfaces?

  3. I put the MacBook power supply (“brick”) into the accessory box and it is a tight fit. You would not be able to fit other items in there too. However, you can also use the MacBook Hardcase as an insert in a bigger gear bag.

    There are vent holes on the bottom of the Hardcase and the MacBook does get hot but it gets pretty hot on my cooling stand too. I haven’t used it in the case long enough to really see a difference.

    The MacBook fits securely but my wrists rub against the case as I’m keyboarding. It’s a bit uncomfortable but I’m a “wrist rester” so I really feel it.

  4. I also saw similar Hard case from http://www.notebook-cover.com.

    This site say :

    Not like other products, Techshell’s Hard Case will not ruins or changes original Apple’s shape and style.
    Our design theory was to protect Apple’s notebook and still be stylish. If you view other company’s products, they have their own design. Because of the their design, it transform the look of your Apple Notebook to cheap looking brand notebook such as Dell. Techshell’s hard case is simple and strong.

  5. Thank you so much for such detailed feedback(pics are great). These are pretty neat and I found them fairly inexpensively at (www.mfgdirect.com), they seem to be having some sort of sale— the prices are lower than they were a week ago (by 40% at that!)! Fine by me! I’ve had a hard time finding something that will give my Macbook the protection it deserves! I’m not ready to buy a brand new one just yet(although they look really cool!). I think I might just purchase one of these! Thank you!!

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