Missing Sync for Windows Mobile Now Syncs Notes!

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Eric Ullman of Mark/Space just sent me this great news item! I’m very excited and can’t wait to test it tonight after I get home from work :oD

Mark/Space has just released The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile v3.0.

This version adds a bunch of new features for users, including

+ support for Address Book contact photos,
+ notes syncing with a variety of Mac apps,
+ file and folder syncing,
+ iPhoto album and iTunes playlist syncing,
+ import of photos and movies taken with camera-enabled devices,
+ Safari bookmarks syncing and more.

Free upgrades to v3.0 will be available for v2.5 purchases made on or
after October 1, 2006. Purchases prior to Oct 1 qualify users for a
$19.95 upgrade price. New, the software will sell for $39.95
(download). CDs will be available in a few weeks for $49.95.

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