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Here are the results for the Show Us What’s In Your Gear Bag contest.

There were 17 entries for the contest, making it very difficult to choose the 1st place winner because everyone did such a great job! I was so impressed by some of the entries, that I really wanted to award 1st place to 4 people! Unfortunately, I don’t have enough cash to buy 4 iPod Videos, so I had to stick with the rules and just pick the one winner. The second place winner was decided by a public vote and third place was chosen from a random drawing of all the entries (minus the 1st and 2nd place winners).

I want to thank all of you for the time, effort, and imagination that you put into your videos. I had a lot of fun watching them, as did all the vistors to the site. :o)

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First place goes to:

12. Calvin Wong

Click on image to play the QuickTime video (1min 39sec,

I chose Calvin’s video because it was unique and really fun to watch. Even after watching it (I’ve probably watched it 5-6 times now), it continued to cross my mind from time to time as I wondered how he did it, how much time it took him, etc.

Second place goes to:
14. Jason Nichol

Click on image to play the QuickTime video (4min 43sec,

As seen on video

Apple iPod 20gb 3G
Seiko Air Pro Watch
Bell Cigarette Charger
Belkin Cassette Auto Adapter
Buck Whittaker Knife
Lexar 1gb CF Card
JBL Creature Speakers
D-Link Wireless Router
Destinator1 GPS Software
Camera Batteries
Fuji Finepix 2800 Digital Camera
Griffin iTrip
HP Ipaq hx4700
Sony MDR-D22 Egg Headphones
Monster iSplitter
Innopocket Magnesium PDA Case
Journey’s Unlimited Bag
Klik (full fat)
Lexar 1gb SD Card
Lowepro Camera Case
Sony 5gb Microdrive
Nike “Epic” Backpack
NSD Powerball
Oakley Biner
Pentax Optio X Digital Camera
Motorola Razr
Rechargeable Batteries
Syson 512mb CF GPS
Victorinox Swiss Card
Gerber Knife
Toshiba M70-ZJ3 Laptop
USB Cable
Akron Vent Mount
Weiner from Safeway
Tumi Wheeled Laptop Case
Gravis Airline Bag
Michael Graves Slim Laptop Case
Microsoft Notebook Mouse
Triple Five Soul Bag

Song lyrics:

Gimme an A for my Apple, the little apple of my eye
And A is also for my Air Pro, the watch that gives me more than time

B is for my Bell Cig Charger, it’s also for my Belkin Cassette Adapter
I also got a Buck, ha, no not a deer, this one’s shiny and sharp, ohhh dear

C…F Card that is, let’s not forget my Creature Speakis

Alright, back to tha blues

Gimme a D for my D-Link it sends signals thru the air
And when I’m lost in a city, Destinator gets me there.

E is for the extra batteries….that’s it!

F is for my Fuji Digicam

G and I are travellin as were Griffin iTrippin

HP leads my Ipaq into the court hearing
Got a pair of headphones that silence everything

Oooooo, it gets a little scary, got a Monster in my bag, also got an Innopocket protects my scandalous Ipaq

My Journey’s pack is always loaded, with all the gadgets that I have

Always got a can of Klik in my bag, gotta love the side effects of canned meat instead

Instead if my Lexar or a Lowepro bag

Or what about microdrive or a multi-tool instead (holds it and cough)

Gotta ergo Nike backpack and a Powerball indeed, no not a lottery ticket silly

Rollin with my buddy Oakley, gotta use that caribeen…er

P’s a lonely place for Pentax, currently shooting me

Always have a quarter, like mommy told me

R brings us Razr and some recharge batteries.

S is a Syson GPS indeed, a swiss card and a sharp knife leads us to T

Toshiba leads my gadgets in size and memory

I’m getting a hankerin for the blues in G

The USB is quite ingenious, it powers almost anything

V is for my Akron Vent Mount, my GPS is lost without this thing.

Gotta a wiener named Frank in the sack, ya never know when a BBQ breaks out in the back.

X is for the xtra stuff that wouldn’t fit, under their respective alphabet
We got a Tumi wheely bag, a tripod and a Gravis airliner. Also got a Laptop case and a notebook mouse a little sack for odds and sods and a freakin robot.

Y is for the Yummy Eats, the yummy eats I like keep. I like to keep my tummy happy, so I feed it yummy eats.

Well my friends there’s only one letter left…
Z is for the Zzzzzzz’s that I need to get, goodday, goodnight my friends, it’s time for me to leave.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed my gadgetry. Let me leave you with a though or two, hell, maybe 3, take care, wash your hands and comb your hair.

Gadgets will change, so will your hair….

Third Place goes to:
7. David Chao

Click on image to play the QuickTime video (3min 32sec,

In the Maxpedition Gadget Bag:

Nikon Coolpix Camera
Motorola Q
Motorola Razr
Motorola Bluetooth Headset 850
Swiss Army Pocket Knife
Eyeglass Repair Kit
Micro glass cloth
Levenger Notepad
60MB USB Memory Stick
Suntan Lotion
First Aid Kit
Rudy Project Glasses and Case

For Business Travel Tumi Briefcase:

15 inch MacBook Pro
Moto Charger
EVDO Express Card WWAN card
Sony Noise Canceling headphones

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