Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-10-12

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I came home last night to find a replacement 24″ iMac on my
front porch… To catch everyone up, I had ordered one at the end
of September before attending Mobius.
The first one had a really annoying defect where turning the
brightness level down from maximum would cause a humming noise.
Upon calling Apple support, they issued me a return label, Fedex
picked up the package, and Apple shipped out a replacement. That
replacement arrived last night. I was very excited to set it up and
start enjoying a faster (faster than my current 20″ G5 iMac)
processor and larger display. But as luck would have it, this one
has the same defect! :o( I haven’t called Apple yet. I’m not sure
what I want to do. Try for #3, hoping that the 3rd time will be the
charm? Go with a 20″ Intel iMac instead? Get my money back and wait
for the 24″ to have a hardware rev? Or go totally crazy and get a
Mac Pro? What would you do?

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