Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-09-03

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The weather in NYC was prefect today. A drastic change from
yesterday. Spent the entire day either walking or riding a tour bus
around the city. Didn’t do any tech type activities, although I did
get a glimpse of the Apple store on 5th Avenue and the Sony
building with the free museum. Will be visiting both of those
places before leaving Thursday.

Still unable to upload pics to Flickr from my Treo using the
built-in SMS messaging or Versamail. I don’t receive any errors,
but the pics never show up in my photo page. Grrrr… I guess it’s
a Treo 650 issue because the Treo 700w worked fine when I tried it.
The DualCor cPC is doing ok as my travel computer. I will admit
that the screen is a little too small for comfort when I’m trying
to edit a picture in GIMP, chat with someone on MSN instant message
and surf a webpage all at the same time. ;o) I also keep having an
odd problem with my Bluetake Bluetooth mouse just taking off across
the screen as if possessed!

Happy Labor day :o)

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