Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-09-02

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We made it to NYC in one peice! Had a little turbulance due to
the crummy weather, but nothing too bad. The weather is rainy and
windy, so after grabbing some food, we’re back in the room to watch
DVDs on the 30 inch plasma screen. NICE!

I’m a bit disappointed though. My Treo 650 won’t let me upload
pictures to Flickr using Blazer or Opera. When I was first playing
with the upload feature of their mobile site, I was using a Treo
700w that I have for review. Of course, I didn’t bring that one
with me on the trip. ARGH. So it seems that I may have to update
the Flickr mobile page at night
when we come back to the hotel room. That is unless someone out
there in Treo 650 land can help me figure out which browser will
allow me to upload. It would be really nice if there was an email
address to upload to. Hmmmm…

Update… there is an email address for Flickr. I found mine and have tried uploading 2 pics. So far they have yet to show up on my photo page… maybe it takes awhile.

More to come…

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