Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-07-26

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I need some help from you guys…

For the past 2-3 months, I’ve had a handful of email complaints
from people saying that they sometimes have problems loading pages
using Internet Explorer. The page will almost completely load and
then a small popup window will come up saying that the Operation
Aborted. If you press the OK button on this popup, the browser will
display a Page Cannot Be Found message as if the page does not
exist on the site. It appears that only Internet Explorer users are
seeing this problem. I’ve not encountered it with Firefox on a PC
or Firefox, Camino, Safari on a Mac. Some troubleshooting seems to
have found that the error may be caused with the Vibrant Media /
Intellitxt advertisements (doubled underlined green links sprinkled
through pages on this site). As a result, we’ve turned these ads
off until the issue can be fixed. What I’m asking of all of you, is
to please email me if
you see this error again. Let me know the page where the error
occurred and what browser you were using at the time. Thanks for
your help, it’s very much appreciated! :o)

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