Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-07-26

Unpacking the DualCor cPC
Engineering Sample…

unpacking the cpc1

Nothing is going to jostle this baby!

unpacking the cpc2

The treasure chest…

unpacking the cpc3

I am sure that the final version box will be quite glossy – with
photos of some self-satisfied user smiling as they hold their

Hey this was unexpected! A Rhinoskin cPC branded

unpacking the cpc4

My long-awaited cPC and it’s paraphernalia.

unpacking the cpc5

Included in the box are the charging cable, AmbiCom 802.11g WiFi
CF card, mini-VGA Dongle, Rhinoskin case, and the cPC.

unpacking the cpc6

The back has a fan air inlet, slightly raised fins/vents and a
dinky stylus I will likely never use.

unpacking the cpc7

I think a fingernail will be better than this… ;0)

unpacking the cpc8

A wrist lanyard was attached – not a bad idea. I would FREAK if
I dropped this baby.

unpacking the cpc9

There is so much to explore here – I don’t even know what
everything is yet! Obviously these are the AC port and a USB type B

unpacking the cpc11

Two USB ports and a VGA port…

unpacking the cpc12

Headphones and microphone jacks…

unpacking the cpc13

The Compact Flash slot…

unpacking the cpc14

The cPC inside the Rhinoskin pouch…

unpacking the cpc15

It’s charging – I haven’t even turned in on yet!!!

unpacking the cpc16

Now I need to read the Getting Started

More soon…

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