Day: July 11, 2006

Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-07-11

I returned from from Arlington Sunday night and am wiped out! This was my first time to attend a Sigma Kappa Sorority National Convention, and I had no idea what I should expect. Some of the highlights included meeting Stacey’s (another local alumna) and my wonderful roommates, Lisa & Jill from the University of Florida… …

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Lap Sack Perfect Tote Laptop Bag

I have never really considered myself to be that picky about any of
my gear or laptop bags – just…particular. I know what I need, I
know how I like to organize my gear, and I don’t like to be locked
into someone else’s vision of how I should manage my stuff. My
perfect laptop bag will look feminine, but not too girly; it will
have well organized pockets, but not so many that I can’t find my
gear. It will be well made of quality materials so that it can
endure years of use, and it will be stylish without being too