Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-07-07

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When is a Friday not reason to celebrate? When you have to play
hooky from work in order to wait for a repair man to come service
your 1 week old brand new refrigerator and for an exterminator to
come give an estimate on removing an infestation of bees or hornets
in a wall of your house. Ok, enough whining. On with some tidbits
and rambles…

A fellow Hoosier sent word of his painting blog:
The Playful Painter
. Mac / iPod fans be sure and take a

Girl power is on the rise with a new blog from Jenn Lee called
pocketables. She
claims to be waiting on a Sony Vaio UX180P, which she’ll soon be
sharing her thoughts on.

20% discount off more than 80 computer T-Shirts at KlearGear with the coupon code: the-gadgeteer through September 1st.

Gary Mayhak of Talestuff.com sent word that his newest product is a USB rechargeable Emergency Charger that can be ordered with Palm Multiconnector, Palm Universal Connector or Female USB connector. It uses NiMH AA batteries (included) but can be used with regular AAs or AAAs in a pinch (but don’t recharge them!). He’s giving away free Palm V / Vx Hard Cases with any V / Vx product ordered on his site. Yes, people are still using V/Vx’s… Actually a friend at work (Hi Ryan), still uses his!

I want to control my iPod with my voice (in my car). Anyone know
of a good solution for that task? I googled till my eyes were
bloodshot yesterday, and came up with a whole lot of nothing…


Today is my 1 year “switch from PC to Mac and don’t look back”
anniversary! Yay me! Now if only Apple would come out with an itty
bitty, travel friendly tablet computer; my life would be

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