Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-06-04

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I want to tell you about some cool key rings that I
received the other day.

They are called NITE Glowrings because they…um…glow :o) They are
made of Polycarbonate with a small
vial of Tritium encased inside them. Tritium is a gaseous substance
that reacts with the phosphor coating inside the vial. This
reaction causes the vial to glow. Tritium is the same stuff used
with some dive watch and fire arm gunsite markers. They don’t glow
that brightly, but they are useful for finding objects in a dimly
lit room . They are available in different colors, and can be purchased through this

06/06/06 Update on Glowrings:

I had an email from a concerned user. He was asking about the safety of this product. Here is a link that provides additional information on that topic.

It’s the last day of my vacation (from my day job) and also my
birthday. Can you say ‘mixed emotions’ ? ;o) This has been an easy
going week for me. Last Saturday was the most exciting day with the
purchase of my new car. The rest of the week has been pretty lazy.
I did finallllllly get a chance to test out my new Garmin Legend Cx
GPS on Friday. Thanks to Jim
, I was able to find my first cache!

In other news, I received an email from Dennis Lloyd of iLounge.
He pointed me to a
free 194 page iPod / iTunes book
. Go check it out!

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