Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-05-10

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Right before my birthday, I got an email from Michael Hess of
RoadWired saying that he
was going to send me one of their brand new Skooba Skins as a present. I was
offered my choice of several color combinations, and the magpie in
me was immediately attracted to the silver with orange

I asked for a Skin that would fit a 13″ wide laptop, so they
sent the medium Skin which measures approximately 16″ wide, x 11.5
tall x 2″ wide when it is in the compact “sleeve” mode. The medium
Skin will easily accommodate a laptop with a 17″ (measured
diagonally) screen. The exterior is composed of a bright silver
nylon weave, while the interior is a bright orange satiny nylon;
there is at least 0.25″ or more padding on every surface
surrounding the laptop.

When in sleeve mode, the Skooba Skin can slide into any larger
bag or suitcase to provide cushioned protection for the enclosed

But on days when I want to travel with the bare minimum, the
Skin undergoes a transformation. The top flap lifts…

…a second flap comes out…

…and abracadabra! the Skooba sleeve is now a Skooba

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According to Michael, they just started shipping these, but I
wasn’t able to find them on the web site yet. According to this article they
will cost between $30 and $40. I am sure that the price difference
will depend on the size and/or material ordered.


Totally unrelated, but worth mentioning are the pictures and stories at Undercity.org. Wait until you have an hour or two to explore…then enjoy getting lost.

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