Julie’s Gear Diary – 2006-04-10

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Now for something that is not gadget related at all…

I used to be into fingerstyle guitar, but haven’t played in
several years. My poor Collings acoustic guitar has sat idle and
neglected in its case for a long time now. This past weekend, I got
it out and tried to play. Unfortunately, it felt really odd and
foriegn to me, so I put it back in the case. Then later, I was
surfing one of my fave VLOG sites (Josh Leo) and saw one of his
posts where he was playing mountain dulcimer. He inspired me to go
up in my attic to look for 2 of my own dulcimers that I’ve also not
played in forever.

I think I’m going to start playing them again. :o) Any other
gadgeteers into offbeat instruments? I’ve long wanted to learn to
play a ukulele.

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