Nike Sports Armband for the iPod Nano

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Along with being an avid tech-guy, I’m a diehard runner. Over the years I’ve found the right shoes, clothes, music player, and accessories are important for an enjoyable run. My current mp3 player is the iPod Nano that I used in conjunction with an old Nike armband that was held in-place with velcro. It was an adequate set up, until the velcro began to regularly let go and I had to catch my Nano before it went shooting off the back of the running machine (something I’m sure isn’t covered under AppleCare). After a fair amount of research, the Nike Sports Armband looked to be the best replacement currently out on the market.

nike sportband1

The Nike Sport Armband is made of lightweight Nike’s Pro Compression fabric and Dri-FIT material. It is specifically designed to safely hold an iPod Nano during exercising. I’d recommend it for running, cycling, hiking and the like but would not use it while weightlifting. The armband is not ideal for that type of arm movement.

nike sportband2

The Nano slips into the bottom of the armband where the form of the material and elastic hold it snuggly in-place.

nike sportband3

The armband is seamless, form-fitting, matches most Nike apparel, and is (most importantly) washable. I’m confident that the armband will stay on my arm and the Nano safely within during exercise. However, the armband provides no protection from impact, stumble to the ground, or a crash on a bike.

nike sportband4

The Nike Sport Armband is $30 and available in two color combinations (gray/orange & black/gray) and two sizes (small/medium & medium/large). The armband is well made and perfectly engineered for the tasks it was designed for. If you’re a Nano owner who exercises, the Nike Sport Armband is definitely worth considering.


Product Information

  • Apple iPod nano
  • Play through
  • Form-fitted, snug fit
  • Holds Nano very securely
  • Washable
  • Zero impact protection

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  2. I just want to know where I can purchase this item. I’ve looked on the apple site as well as the nike store and a few others and still no luck. Can someone help mme?

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