Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-03-27

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To make a long story short…

Shawn, one of our readers, received two of the same bag when he
placed a Maxpedition
order several months ago. According to Shawn, “I did the
honorable thing and called and told them and there response was
they were going to send a label for me to return it but it never
showed. I like the bag but I don’t need two. I am willing to send
the extra one to someone who is willing to do a review for the
Gadgeteer site. I will leave it up to you to pick who gets the bag.
I like it a lot and would like to see a review but one that is done
right plus its brand new and just sitting on the table I’d like to
see someone get some use out of it

I received the desert camo Thermite
from Shawn today, and now I will extend his generous
offer to our readers. If you would like to review this smallish
gear bag, please send me an email. In order to be considered, you
*have a digital camera with which you will get lots of clear photos
of the bag from every possible angle
*be willing to use the heck out of the bag for at least three weeks
before writing your review
*complete the review in another week or so after extensive
*agree not to publish the review on another web site

Any takers? Send me an
if you are interested. :0)

I would like to thank Kerry Woo; he will be
reviewing the Thermite Versapack for The Gadgeteer.

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