The Jimi Wallet

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Are you the type of guy (or even a gal for that matter…) that
carries an over stuffed wallet in their pocket (or purse)? Do you
cram your wallet full of receipts, money, business cards, credit
cards, scraps of paper, etc? If you answered YES to either of these
questions, then it just might be time for you to simplify your life
and downsize to a wallet that isn’t like any wallet that you may
have seen before. The Jimi Wallet
is made in the USA of 100% recycled Polypropylene. Yes, it’s

jimi wallet1

This wallet is compact, water resistant, and is available in 8
different translucent colors.

jimi wallet2

The Jimi is 4.250 x 2.625 x .5625 inches in size. Yes, it’s
small. You’re not going to be able to carry ‘everything’ in it.
What you will be able to carry is just the stuff you really

jimi wallet6

When closed nothing will fall out of the Jimi. To open, you just
squeeze the designated spot near the top clasp. If you do it right,
the top will pop open allowing you to fold open the wallet.

jimi wallet4

The left side of the wallet has a removable money clip that can
hold one credit card and 3-4 folded bills. The right side is the
card holder, which can accommodate a maximum of 4 standard sized
plastic credit cards.

jimi wallet5

Before reading the directions, I tried putting my double folded
bills as shown above. That’s how I thought a money clip worked. As
you can see though, the Jimi is not quite wide enough for this to
work. When you close the wallet, the edges of the bills stick out.
Too bad…

jimi wallet7

You can remove the clip and use it alone if desired. Works great
when you’re in super minimalist mode. They also sell a money clip
with built in SD card holders.

The Jimi being made of a plastic material had me a little
concerned about the longevity of the hinges. I asked the designer
of the Jimi about this issue and he replied:

“One of the few plastics you can hinge – industry
jargon is living hinge, of which the Jimi™ wallet has three.
They should hinge at least a million times. I’ve not counted
myself, but someone has. See here for ref:
So while it looks delicate it’s actually really strong – think
Sasha Cohen! The inner parts are polycarbonate which is a first
cousin to bullet-proof glass. It’s possible to break both – if you
twist the hinges the wrong way on the outer case or really want to
smash the money clip you could, but in normal use they’re really
hard-wearing, and we’ve had very, very few breakages.”

jimi wallet3

You can’t beat the Jimi Wallet for its size. It should fit into
even the tightest back jeans pocket. I don’t like to keep a wallet
in my pocket all day, I’ll keep it in my gear bag. But if I go out
for lunch, this wallet doesn’t weigh me down at all which I love.
It looks great, is easy to use and should last a long long time.
It’s also good to know that 1% of their sales revenue is invested
back into the environment. Currently it will be for Katrina aid.


Product Information

  • Money
  • Credit cards
  • Compact
  • Water resistant
  • Contents won't fall out
  • Have to triple fold dollar bills to fit in money clip

13 thoughts on “The Jimi Wallet”

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  2. Just a note on the Jimi Wallet – a tri-fold (folding your bill into thirds) will work best, for max storage. I leave decent-sized money (fives and up) in the Jimi, and the other federal confetti just gets wadded up in the other pocket 🙂

    You can really jam it, with something like ten or fifteen bills inside, but it works best with the new stuff, and the wallet will lose it’s splash resistance when you do this — not overstuffing either side of the Jimi is key to easy use.

    My Jimi arrived days before I broke my left elbow, and it has been a blessing — I simply couldn’t reach around to my regular wallet pocket reliably with my dominant arm in a sling. I can easily fish the Jimi out of a front slash pocket, regularly slide cards out of the Jimi single-handedly, and routinely lay the wallet open at a checkout, pull out a bill, and tuck the wallet back away, with just one hand.

    Can you tell I like my Jimi?

    Matthew Z.

  3. I have it and love it. I could never go back to a regular wallet. Plus, i now actually process and file receipts instead of carrying them around all the time.

  4. Carrying your cash WITH your wallet is inherently a bad idea. If you are pickpocketed, you will lose everything and that probably isn’t the best idea. i tell this to all of my clients when I give lessons about security (especially when they travel overseas), do not carry your cash in your wallet. its the first thing a pickpocket will go for.

    *sigh* I guess until you get pickpocketed, there’s no point really in saying anything is there?

    Credit cards can be replaced, cash cannot.

  5. amberlink wrote:

    Credit cards can be replaced, cash cannot.

    I have to disagree – I would much rather lose my cash than credit cards. If I lose my credit cards, I have to call the company to cancel them, but if I lose my cash, I can always get more.

  6. Space for only 4 plastic cards! Each of my accounts has at least 1 card, not to mention autoclub membership, drivers licence etc. If they made a thicker version that holds 8 cards, that might be better.

  7. That’s the first lesson of the Jimi — you learn very quickly which cards you can or cannot live without 🙂

    For the cards that don’t directly access money themselves, get a photo or credit card wallet insert, and keep ’em in the glove box. Remove what you need, when you need it.

    Gotta love those swipe tab miniature cards, we’ve all been turned into honorary night watchmen, or else we try and cram that metal and plastic sea urchin into a pocket or a purse – Ouch!

    Matthew Z.

  8. Say, what’s the main feature of the Stealth again? That it’s just not translucent the way the others are… justifying a $2 increase? 😀 And, to be honest, the main advantage of the Jimi is that it’s not an inch thick the way my wallet seems to feel sometimes…. and I’m leaning towards this, just because it’s nice and skinny, although how secure is the lanyard attachment?

    Anyone tried that?

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