Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-02-25

I received the new

PDair aluminum case
for the

yesterday. I’ll have a full review ready in the next couple of
weeks, but I just wanted to post a couple of pictures for people who have been
wondering whether they might like it or not.

When the case is closed, there is no access to the screen – although it is
perfectly viewable beneath a clear sheet of plastic.

Not having immediate access to the touch screen has actually helped me to further develop my "one handed operation of
the phone" skills, since I now basically rely on using the hard buttons
below the screen in tandem with the joystick.

I love that the case opens to allow full use of the sliding keyboard, however
I can’t help but think that the hinge should have been placed on the opposite
side of the PDA.

In this case, the PPC-6700 becomes a bit heavier and a lot chunkier. More on
everything later…

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