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And now for a review of a product that is both wacky and different. The iFish from Sega Toys, the same people that brought us the iDog. I wasn’t too sure what I would have to say about this combination speaker and robot pet thingy when Brando asked if I would review it, but I thought it would at least be something offbeat. So here goes…

The iFish is about 8 inches long by 4.5 inches tall and is constructed of plastic. The head of the iFish is solid, while the tail resembles an actual fish tail with many bones. The tail can sway back and forth with a slight touch.

This toy is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included) that fit into the belly. Once the batteries are installed, you can tap one of the front fins to wake the fish up. 5 LEDs on each side of the head and 3 LEDs in the tail will light up and cycle colors. Bubbling noises will play from its speaker, and wheels in the belly will allow the fish to spin around in a circle.

After about 2 minutes of pressing the fins, and watching the iFish twirl around and wag its tail, I was thinking that there must be more to this toy than what I am seeing. So, I pulled out the one page English translated instruction sheet. After reading it, I learned that when the iFish is happy, it will dance and play music. Also, tapping the head will cause the fish to “play a different animation based on the position of the biorhythm”. Um… Ok, whatever.

The iFish is also supposed to react to sounds, so I tried talking to it and even yelling at it. Sometimes it would spin around, but most of the time it seemed to just ignore me . Right now I’m typing in a quiet room and it’s on the desk next to me wagging its tail every so often and making water noises.

Hmmmmm, maybe I should read the instructions again. Ahhh, if you hold down one of the fins, the iFish will start to play music. The music that it plays is kind of depressing though. The box says the music is healing. Um… Ok, whatever.

One of the main features of the iFish is the ability to plug in a CD or iPod into the fish and have the music play through the speaker while the fish dances and flashes its LEDs. Included with the iFish is a 2 foot long patch cable that plugs into the earphone jack of your iPod, and then into the fin on the iFish. I could see how this might be kinda cool, but, the speaker in theiFish is not stereo. Phooey. Volume isn’t bad, and can be adjusted through your audio device. The iFish will automatically power off after 20mins in this mode.

See it in action…

Click on image to play the QuickTime video (1min 38sec, 3.7mb).

As a novelty item, the iFish is amusing. I really like the way the tail moves back and forth like a real fish. But for $65, I think I can live without a plastic fish that can wag its tail and flash LEDs. And as an iPod speaker, I think there are much better alternatives already available. Sorry iFish, you’re just not the iPet for me.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Sega Toys
  • Unique
  • Dances to music and reacts to sounds and touch
  • Mono speaker
  • Expensive novelty toy

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15 thoughts on “Sega Toys iFish”

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  2. The video of your cat attacking the ifish is hysterical!

    Almost would justify the darn thing just to watch my roommates’ cats do that!

  3. USB disco ball? I’ve not heard of that one. Do you have a link? Hmmm, now I have the song “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor ? going through my head. Thanks a lot! 😉

  4. I buy ifish from hongkong but the instruction sheet is a japanese language so i can’t read it that make I don’t know about the light and the fish feeling.

    Can you post English translated instruction sheet of ifish or send it by email to me ? thank you.

  5. biggaz:

    I sent the iFish to Meredyth. Maybe she can scan the instruction sheet and send it to me, I’ll then attach it to the review.

  6. This Ifish thing bought is crap. All it does is dance around and make stupid bubbly noises. Although ,you should see how mental it goes if you play Slipknot ‘Psychosocial’ at full volume.

  7. Though it has been a few years, this message is for Biggaz: You can go to for the instructions for the iFish (that is actually all they have, they car the cat, dog and penguin, but not the fish, just the fish instructions, go figure).
    My son is totally into these iToys. Someone just gave him the minis from Burger King and he has not put them down since he got them, though they only light up when you push a button.

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