Judie’s Gear Diary – 2006-01-17

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Don Kobes sent this to me tonight, asking that I make you all aware of a scam
site he has discovered:

"24/7 Downloads purports to be a legal music downloading site.  However, my
purchase returned software and a website that ultimately was so codified that
it took me a day or two to determine it was worthless. The company is based in
Rochester, New York. They have not responded to my requests for a refund, or
to any other refund requests. I have filed with the New York Attorney

The website is 24/7 downloads.com, and it has also posted a "third party" fake
review at this website:


Their "customer support" line goes unmanned,  and calls go unreturned.

Here is one example of what I found.  There are many:


There are hundreds of people being scammed by this site. |
I am also sending this to the local newspaper."

I did my own search and found even more

complaints against the company
. Maybe this posting will keep someone else
from being scammed, in any case – you’ve been warned…

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